Saturday, 16 April 2016

How much attention should we pay to Manifesto's anyway.

Yesterday I mentioned that I found i agreed with some aspects of the Welsh Assembly  Manifesto of Ukip and today I find myself nodding  with the " Welsh Liberal Democrats " who have launched their manifesto for the May Assembly elections with the claim that the nation needs “nothing short of a revolution”.
Though I don't see much of a revolution but you can see the Wasting Mule's coverage here.
Smaller classes, better nursing and help for first-time buyers - the Lib Dem manifesto pledges.

The problem is that with devolution dipynbach  and Education and Health being the major parts (and costs) of the settlement, it becomes a race who can claim spend more on both.

Though for some reason we are still waiting for Labour's Welsh Manifesto and unless it contains a bombshell we can only wonder at the delay.

Maybe it would be interesting if Labour didn't  produce a Welsh Manifesto  and we had an election where the majority of people voted for a Party which fought on its record and offered no change,

How much on intention do people pay to Manifesto and pledges in electoral communications?

Despite the claims of all Parties that their plans (or really aspirations) are "fully costed " we rarely see where the cuts to pay for all the wonderful things we are being offered again largely in Health and Education.

True Plaid find money in scrapping the black route of the  and are  backing the less costly blue route "or a variation of it" to improve the M4 but most of the time we see little of where we see  where Peter is being robbed to pay Paul).

OK I'm being negative  but I'm not sure how much my voting intentions  are swayed by the Party Manifestos rather than my overall perception of the leaders and their  position on major issues.

As I said I found much in Ukip manifesto I could back , but even promised of gold and silver could not make me vote for them. 

Perhaps  the problem I have is that despite other parties offering a better future for Wales we will probably end up with the same lethargic government under Carwyn Jones and his Labour Party in Wales and a situation where the criticisms that appeared  in the Abolish the Welsh Assembly  Party Political Broad cast (why did they have one), become more valid.

However such an attitude  is like members of a Rugby Club  who keep dropping in the league who keep voting for the same committee  voting to dissolve the club.

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