Monday, 18 April 2016

PFI Scandal in Scotland. Surprise , It Was Labour's Fault.

There was something strange about  the early days in the  media reporting of the PFI Scandal affecting Schools in Scotland .

 Hearing the reports on the BBC there has been an omission of who was responsible for  and its often in the small print that  we find who was to blame for what is going to be a huge Bill that is likely to be repeated throughout the UK.

The clue has been the fact that the Unionist parties have not been spouting out  on "The Incompetence of the SNP Government.

 Mike Small in the Guardian points out 

Though  the political parties have been trying to blame each other. The beleaguered Scottish Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale, said that “she had nothing too apologise for, for building schools”, and her Conservative counterpart, Ruth Davidson, had the brass neck to claim it was the Scottish government’s fault for not monitoring the building work. The Liberal Democrats have called for an inquiry, a move they may regret.

 The Sunday Herald as at last pointed the blame squarely on the Blair-Brown  Labour Government and when the Sottish Parliament was run by Labour and the Liberal Democrats,

as they say 

LABOUR'S 'toxic PFI legacy' will cost Scottish taxpayers a massive £30 billion over the coming decades, the Sunday Herald can reveal.
The failings of the Private Finance Initiative schemes, championed by the last Labour government, have been thrust into the spotlight by Scotland's 'crumbling schools scandal' which has led to the closure of 17 schools in Edinburgh.
An investigation by the Sunday Herald has uncovered the huge debt that Scotland’s public sector will have to repay - not just for schools, but also for hospitals, roads and waste treatment plants.
The media may have caught up, and some  are now at least seem to pointing the finger  in the right direction.

But you can imagine the glee when  Editors  were  first alerted  the scandal thinking they can use it against Sturgeon and the SNP in what has become one of the biggest shifts in political aligence  since   the decline in the influence of the British Liberal Party in the years 1910 to 1914 outlined in  The Strange Death of Liberal England is a book written by George Dangerfield published in 1935.

You can imagine the cries the Unionist of

"We've got them we,ve got them."
But as they sat back waiting for the opinion Polls to shift their way they may well have thought

"Oh Shit It Was Us."

But that will not stop them hoping the SNP will be blamed for the failings of Labour in particular 


  1. Thanks for that Flynn, auntie bbc has done everything to protect the Union. HELENA

  2. Nice article Glyn.
    All the people up here who I know are well aware of media lies and distortions now. We have been since the Independence Referendum. The whole experience woke many of us up, inc me. We know better now.
    And that's the thing. The MSM and the other parties...Lab/Con/Lib just haven't caught on. Every lie, every distortion is exposed by sites like yours. Hundreds of thousands of people get their news online. So every lie, every distortion drives more people into the SNP fold.