Thursday, 21 April 2016

Two Election Leaflets for Ponty and two different approaches.

Two post delivered leaflets yesterday and interestingly they presented very different aspects of the campaign.

The First like the Toryies was a Generic leaflet from Ukip presumably delivered throughout Wales .

The Other side was a Window Poster .

There was no mention of the candidate in Pontypridd or the Region. But it was Bilingual .

With no mention of the EU Referendum or Immigration it read like a Pre-Devolution  Tory leaflet .

Clearly this is aimed at simply getting votes for the Regional seats and there is no serious bid to support any candidate . People will be voting entirely for the party,

The second was for the Liberal Democrats and the Pontypridd Candidate Mike Powell.

Disgracefully It was completely in English and once again we ask, how commuted the Liberal Democrats are to Bilingualism in Wales.

The Leaflet however put an interesting slant  to the Liberal Dempcrats campaign in Pontypridd.

Mike Powell os a Perpetual candidate  who wil jump om any bandwagon who has a large personnel vote in Pontypridd 

In the 2010 UK election he came within  3000 votes of causing a major upset and defeating Labour  but last Year Finished fourth just above Plaid. So small wonder his although standing as a Liberal Democrat his campaign consists of a plea to a personall vote he writes on the leaflet,

"People are fed with  politicians not listening , of going ahead abead and doing just  what they want, of those they want of those those they represent to elect to represent them putting party politics before people
He seems to have missed a few words from the above because it does not make sense,

 This May why don't you put party politics aside and vote for someone who will put this area and people first , Someone with a proven track record of doing just that

We can only wonder why he does not stand as an Independent.



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