Friday, 15 April 2016

In truth. I could back much of Ukip Manifesto but do I think its sincere ?

I must admit  Ukip's Manifesto for the Welsh Assembly Election contains some ideas that i could fully support looks tailored to Welsh

The following look like they are interned d  to appeal  largely to Labour/Plaid/Libdem/Green voters
  • Launch a “full-scale independent inquiry into all NHS health services”;
  • Treat cancer as a “top priority” and develop a new cancer strategy;
  • Assign a specialist cancer nurse to everyone who is given a diagnosis as their “key worker in the acute stages of treatment”;
  • Ensure every person with cancer has a full needs assessment and written care plan;
  • Introduce elected local health boards;
  • Seek to train the required number of doctors and nurses;
  • Support the creation of a pharmacy-led “Welsh Chronic Medication Service”;
  • Ring-fence mental health funding at a higher level;
  • Pilot the integration of fire and ambulance service response “in an area where there is local support”;
  • Train fire personnel to also operate as paramedics.
But of course Ukip are a populist party so when it comes to Education they largely reach out to Tory voters
  • Introduce statutory modern foreign language teaching for pupils from the age of seven;
  • Bring in University Technical Colleges to Wales “on the Baker Dearing model”;
  • Allow existing schools to become grammar schools or “vocational schools”;
  • Implement an ‘autism curriculum’ which addresses learning requirements and “social, emotional and communication needs”;

  • Scrap fees for Welsh-domiciled undergraduates taking degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEM) subjects in Wales

Indeed its beginning to look like they have simply drawn up a list based on anything they believe  will be popular with the public.

  • Scrap the Severn Bridge tolls in two years;
  • Support building an M4 relief road along the “blue route”;
  • Axe the £73m Welsh Government budget for climate change projects
Though I'm not quite sure what  hat their Devolution Plans came from.

  • Involve Welsh MPs in pre-legislative scrutiny of legislation before it starts its passage through the Assembly, at least until the number of Welsh representatives in Westminster is reduced;
  • Avoid the need to increase the number of AMs by inviting all councils to appoint one or two councillors to a panel that could help Assembly committees scrutinise the Welsh Government;
  • Encourage devolution to local councils and communities.
and maybe this shows Ukuip true dishonest  populists nature . They really would like to scrap the assembly 

Ukip support for Devolution  only exists because they know believe they can get people elected to the Assembly , 

So there does not seem much of the swivelled eye  plans from a party largely made up of people who think the Tories are not right wing enough.

Apart from scraping the climate change budget , bringing back Grammar schools and most of their devolution proposals there not much I would not back in the above , but I suspect if they were to win power in May they would soon back track on most of them.

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  1. The problem with UKIP is Nathan Gill seems reasonable, but the rest are abunch of racists and hard line neo-con right wingers who have zero interest in Wales and when you add that to BBC Wales bias which is showing badly in this election campaign, for example yesterday BBC Wales Political Editor Nick Servini trashed Leanne and Plaid Cymru on Ask the Leader, but is praising today UKIP manifesto, you have a toxic combination that allows voters to support UKIP guilt free.

    Labour’s arrogance and entitlement in Wales has a lot to do with allowing UKIP getting so much traction, but the other parties were asleep to the threat and we’ll soon see if the Welsh Assembly and democracy is mature enough to deal with a constant disruptive threat for 5 years.