Saturday, 23 April 2016

Racism and Hypocrisy the nasty party returns.

Boris Johnson accusation that President Obama of Hypocrisy maybe has a ring of truth but

On a visit to the U.K., Obama weighed in on Britain's debate about European Union membership, urging U.K. voters to back staying in the 28-nation bloc.

"I don't think the EU moderates U.K. influence in the world — it magnifies it," Obama said at a news conference with Prime Minister David Cameron.

He angered campaigners for a "leave" vote in the June 23 referendum, who accused the American president of meddling.

but how many of the leave campaign including Boris cheered when the US president at the behest of Cameron) advised Scots to stay with the UK,

But apart from being a Hypocrite calling others Hypocrite London Mayor Boris Johnson, a leader of the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, faced a flurry of criticism Friday for suggesting U.S. President Barack Obama may have an "ancestral dislike of the British Empire" because of his Kenyan roots.

Johnson said Obama's advice was "paradoxical, inconsistent, incoherent" because Americans "would never contemplate anything like the EU for themselves."

Writing in The Sun newspaper, Johnson recounted a claim that a bust of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was removed from the Oval Office after Obama was elected and returned to the British Embassy.

Johnson wrote that some said removing the bust "was a symbol of the part-Kenyan president's ancestral dislike of the British Empire, of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender."

Its not just the Blond Buffoon who is raising the race card.

Supporters of Sadiq Khan   the Labour Candidate for London's  Lord Mayor  say the Goldsmith camp has tried to focus voters’ minds on his faith, in an attempt to divide religious and ethnic groups and persuade non-Muslims to vote for Goldsmith.
They also say that Goldsmith’s campaign, run by Lynton Crosby, who masterminded the Tory success in last year’s general election, has tried to plant fear in Londoners’ minds by referring to Khan as a “radical” who has shared platforms with “extremists”. In comments defended by Goldsmith as legitimate, Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, said Khan was a “Labour lackey who speaks alongside extremists” and “cannot be trusted” to keep London safe.

Speaking at PMQs on Wednesday  in response to a question on ‘sharing platforms with extremists’ – a reference to Zac Goldsmith’s attacks on Sadiq Khan – David Cameron said the following:
‘If we are going to condemn not just violent extremism but the extremism that seeks to justify violence in any way, it is very important that we do not back these people, and we do not share platforms with them.
And I have to say, I am concerned with Labour’s candidate as Mayor of London, [i.e. Khan] who has appeared again and again and again – [stops amid shouts from Labour].
Anyone can make a mistake about who they appear on a platform with. We’re not always responsible for what our political opponents say.
But if you do it time after time after time, it is right to question your judgement
So  the Tories revert back to Nature  although they are not now so crude as they were in

Smethwick in the 1964 general election
After the Second World War, Smethwick attracted a significant number of immigrants from Commonwealth countries, the largest ethnic group being Sikhs from the Punjab in India. There was also a background of factory closures and a growing waiting list for local council accommodation. Griffiths ran a campaign critical of the opposition's, and the government's, immigration policies.
The Conservatives were widely reported as using the slogan "if you want a nigger for a neighbour, vote Labour."[2 Though the Conservatives claimed that these posters were the work of far right groups, Griffiths was quoted as saying "I should think that is a manifestation of popular feeling. I would not condemn anyone who said that.

I am not a fan Sadiq Khan as he's a Blaireite  and I would back the Green Candidate if I was still living in London . But  I would give him my second vote and a send a message to the Tories to cease such appalling electoral tactics,

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  1. I don't think either of these examples are indicative of racism, Glyn.