Friday, 22 April 2016

Is Dafydd El making a bid to be Llywydd (Presiding Officer)?

I have been waiting for Dafydd Elis Thomas to rock the boat and   with two weeks to go to the Assembly Election and Police and Crime Commissioner  he has delivered
Not only managed to get Plaid some unwelcome publicity  but he has given a boost to Ukip'
 According to the Wasting Mule
Dafydd Elis-Thomas he  has urged....
 Plaid, Conservative and Liberal Democrat supporters to give their first or second preference votes to David Taylor on May 5, saying he wants to “stop Ukip in their tracks”.
By doing so, he could face attempts to have him expelled from Plaid Cymru, which is fielding its own candidate, Wrexham councillor Arfon Jones.
The peer, a former leader of Plaid who is seeking re-election as AM for Dwyfor Meirionnydd, is taking the unprecedented step of encouraging all mainstream voters in North Wales to give one of their votes on the police commissioner ballot paper to Welsh Labour’s candidate, David Taylor.
 Commenting on his call, Lord Elis-Thomas said:

 “I believe voters in North Wales need to think and act tactically in the election for the Police and Crime Commissioner, in order to stop Ukip in their tracks.“The relatively new role of commissioner is hugely important in terms of injecting real democratic accountability into policing here in North Wales. It’s crucial therefore that the result of this election is not skewed by the UKIP vote for the Assembly on the same day.
“That’s why I’m calling on all supporters of Plaid Cymru, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats right across North Wales to cast either their first or second preference vote for Labour’s David Taylor on polling day, to stop Ukip from inadvertently benefiting.
“David is someone I have known for many years. He is a Labour Party member but like me is never afraid to speak his mind and will always put the interests of North Wales first. He is the candidate who can unite our region.
"I know he would make an outstanding commissioner, bringing a much-needed new energy and enthusiasm to the role.
“It’s important that a true reflection of North Wales voting intention determines the outcome of the PCC election on May 5 and extremism is not rewarded by accident.”

 If a candidate fails to win an overall majority on the first count, second preference votes are added and the candidate with the highest total wins.
Commenting on the endorsement from Lord Elis-Thomas, Mr Taylor said:
 “I am deeply honoured to have received the backing of Dafydd Elis-Thomas.
“Although we are in different parties, he is one of Wales’s leading statesmen and someone I respect a great deal.
“I have tried to run a positive campaign, and have been determined to show that I would be a commissioner for everyone in North Wales. I am humbled by the support I am receiving.”

One of the reasons I am nor a member of Plaid is that I wish for this Blog to be Independent  and able to criticsise  Plaid when I feel it is necessary and Yes to make a similar call as Dafydd El has made.

But he is a Party member and candidate  and if it was anyone else Plaid would institute disciplinary procedures  against him.

Perhaps with Plaid to become the main position Party  in the Assembly he believes that every seat Plaid wins is vital and therefore he can say what he likes.

But what if costs others their seat by provoking discord in his Party.

Just over a week ago  I said  that The first Problem the next Assembly will face, will be finding a Llywydd (Presiding officer ) and said that 

So it will be interesting time. Will Dafydd El break ranks to get his old exalted position back?
Could this be a bid by Dafydd El to create a situation   where the safest thing Plaid could do is nominate him for Llwydd again?

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  1. Dafydd El would be better off in the Presiding Officer’s Chair where he can keep out of Leanne’s way and keep sucking up to Labour. And whisper it quietly, but looks like she and Plaid Cymru’s leadership team has finally learned how to deal with him, ignore him.

    Attention seekers don’t like be ignored and Dafydd only got attention from the initial press and then Leighton Andrews, Lee Waters, the Welsh Labour press twitter and Labour trolls yesterday so it worked out well.

    Only down side is Plaid should expect a Martin Shipton article chastising Jonathan Edwards for having a go at Welsh newsreaders for not having welsh accents and not being able to pronounce welsh place names, a stupid comment but people aren’t perfect.