Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Labour in Ponty proudly use Ukip defector in their campaign

Labour were canvassing  in Beddau Yesterday  Perhaps I shouldn't have informed then I was voting Plaid ,because they simply handed me some leaflets and made a hasty retreat,

The toe leaflets were headlined Beddau and Tynant Herald  do was a seeming  directly addressed to our local  Community

It was full odf the usual Bumf with endorsement from local worthies .

But pride of place goes to the Ukip  Pontypridd candidate in the 2015 Andrew Tomkinson .

Interesting despite coming from (I believe) Cilfynydd  Mr Tomlimsom seems to have the interest of Beddau and Tynant  at heart. Or at least that what the leaflet says . But I suspect other leaflets in other communities will have Mr Tomkinson  mention them.

Si either he didn't make the Quotes or he has made them dozens of time substituting one community

 for another, 

Despite  a healthy vote last May Mr Tomkinson  was invisible during the campaign   

General Election 2015: Pontypridd [8] [9] [10]
LabourOwen Smith15,55441.1+2.3
ConservativeAnn-Marie Mason6,56917.3+1.1
UKIPAndrew Tomkinson[11]5,08513.4+10.0
Liberal DemocratMike Powell[12]4,90412.9−18.3
Plaid CymruOsian Lewis4,34811.5+4.2
GreenKaty Clay[13]9922.6+1.6
Socialist LabourDamien Biggs[14]3320.9−0.3
TUSCEsther Pearson980.3N/A
Labour holdSwing−0.1

I had no leaflets and he did not turn up  the hustings I attended so I have no idea how close he was to Ukip policy on Leave the EU and draconian ant immigration message,

I'll  give him the credit on being naive, but it doesn't mean that by joining Labour he has suddenly  become the sort of person we should be listing to. 

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  1. That's the thing with politics, it often brings together some strange bedfellows!

    Just as well for Mick Antoniw it wasn't Neil Hamilton who decided to join Labour.