Saturday, 9 April 2016

Caerphilly UA, Ynysddu By-election sees Labour Hegemony intact

April 7, 2016
Pilipa Marsden Labour 502 [58.9%; -2.5%]Joe Smuth UKIP 180 [21.1%; +21.1%]
Marina Dawn Pritchard  Plaid Cymru 134 [15.7%; -16.9%]
Mathew John Kidner LD 36 [4.2%; +4.2%]
[Conservative [0.0%; -6%]]
Majority: 322
Labour HoldPercentage change since 2012
If Plaid need to be seen to be making progress  in Caerphilly then this is one of the wards they need to  capture . They have in the past held one of the seats , But  were pushed into third place by Ukip on a healthy ( for byelections)  31.59 % turnout.
Caerphilly os probably one of the councils Plaid will be seeking to make big gains in next years Council elections it lookd like it will be a hard slog,  

3rd May 2012 (2 seats) [1 Lab gain from PC]

Jan JonesLab71961.4%
Colin DurhamLab559
Donald CullenPC38232.6%
Marina PritchardPC224
Mark HowellsC706.0%
Sylvia DaviesC57

1st May 2008 (2 seats)

Jan JonesLab57241.4%
Don CullenPC55240.0%
Gareth WatkinsLab474
Elizabeth HollandPC411
Mark HowellsC14410.4%
Paula ReynoldsInd1128.1%
Pat MorrisC99

10th June 2004 (2 seats)

Donald CullenPC59850.0%
Janet JonesLab59850.0%
Anthony WilkinsLab576
Elizabeth HollandPC538


  1. where has donald cullen gone? maybe it was a personal vote

  2. Are you surprised, where are the Plaid Cymru candidates and campaigners in south east Wales?

    Labour are out in force and UKIP will win seats and votes because they are out campaigning in places like Merthyr Tydfil, Ebbw Vale, Torfaen. I’ve yet to see any PC or Lib Dems candidates or campaign teams in any of these towns or election leaflets through the doors.

    What’s wrong with Plaid Cymru, why don’t they learn, it was the same during the General Election, voters crying out for alteratives and not once being canvassed for their votes.