Monday, 4 April 2016

Ukip in Wales split continues.

I am using the term Ukip in Wales rater than "Welsh Ukip"  because they are not a Welsh Party

I have written before that if Ukip as seems likely Ukip gain seats in next Mays Assembly Election they are unlikely to remain united for long and resignations and defections will occur during the course of the next four years.
BBC Wales has reported that  UKIP chairman Steve Crowther has been told 16 of the party's Welsh election candidates are reconsidering whether the organisation represents them following a race row.
According to the report 
The activists have formally complained over comments by UKIP South Wales Central assembly election candidate Gareth Bennett.
Mr Bennett linked rubbish problems in Cardiff to Eastern European immigrants.
UKIP and Mr Bennett have been asked to comment.
His fate as a candidate is expected to be decided on Monday.
The complaint, made in a letter to Mr Crowther which has been seen by BBC Wales, said: 
"We believe the party should take swift and immediate disciplinary action against Mr Bennett."We as candidates and many members who support us are deeply considering whether UKIP really represents us."
It said Mr Bennett's comments
 "are contrary to UKIP's fair and ethical stance on immigration", and he had "degraded our ability to campaign and connect with voters by saying it is pointless to knock on doors".
"Mr Bennett is not fit to be a lead candidate in a grassroots party where engaging the public is crucial to our success," 
The formal complaint has been signed with the names of 16 Welsh candidates, which includes hopefuls for the assembly and police and crime commissioner elections.

I suppose the seriousness of the threat depends on how high up (and likely to be elected)  on the regional list  the candidates are 
The party's vetting committee met on Sunday and is due to report to the NEC meeting.
The party announced their regional lists for the assembly elections in March, but UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill has said the candidacies are subject to a "final ongoing assessment".
 Mr Bennett  fate as a candidate is expected to be decided today but he has not be helped  by the news that The Cardiff branch of Ukip – whose chairman is the said Gareth Bennett who  accused migrants of being responsible for a rubbish problem in the city – has admitted one of its activists dumped dozens of party leaflets at a woodland beauty spot.

Even if Mr Bennett was to axed as a Candidate can we really not expect similar outrageous racist comments from other candidates and indeed Ukip AMs in the future.
And with the UK position with regards membership of the European Union being decided IN or Out in June . How many of the Ukip activist whose main reason for their membership is to Leave the EU rather than immigration  think it time to return to their natural home in the Tory Party?
The split between the Ukip AM elected in May could happen by August and the Tories benefiting with them replacing Plaid  as the second largest party.
Now that would maybe lead us to question our election rules.

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