Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"Welsh" Tories fighting among themselves again.

There  may be more to the sacking of former Welsh Secretary David Jones that seemed at first.

Aberconwy Conservative MP Guto Bebb has claimed in the House of Commons the business partner of fellow north Wales Tory David Jones is behind a blog that has "harassed, abused and bullied" people.
Mr Bebb said a private investigator had traced the "Thoughts of Oscar" blog to a home in Deganwy and the office of David Jones Solicitors in Llandudno.
Clwyd West MP Mr Jones said he would issue a statement on today 
A message on the website Thoughts of Oscar stated : 
I have always been the sole author of the blog – no-one else has ever been involved in it. Recently an open letter to the blog from Mr C Thomas concerning Mr Guto Bebb MP and his links to Israel caused considerable controversy. I have contacted Mr Bebb today and advised him that the sole author of the blog is, in fact, me – Mr Nigel Roberts (as I am sure 99% of you knew anyway!).
“Mr Bebb says he doesn’t believe me. However, that is the truth.
“No-one else has been involved in the production of the blog. It has never been my intention that the blog offend or injure innocent parties and I have no intention of allowing that to happen now.

“I intend, with immediate effect, to close the blog permanently.”

Mr Bebb said it was "a rather vicious and nasty local blog", with an added interest in politics that had targeted individuals.
Opening a short debate in the Commons, Mr Bebb named local businessman Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore, who is a director of David Jones Solicitors.
Mr Bebb said he would not name a third person identified by the private investigator.
Mr Roberts said on the blog on Tuesday that he was its sole contributor.
Former Welsh Secretary Mr Jones and Mr Moore are expected to give their response to the claims on  today .
But one wonders if the internal war in the Conservative Party in Wales is goes deeper and is more visious than we thought.
 admit that my visits to Oscar blog always thought he was sailing close to the wind but I always had the impression that it was by an independent right winger now it seems he has some ties to a fraction within the Conservative Party.

The attack on Gutto Bebb  came from  an open letter on the thoughts of Oscar Blog on his apparent  support for Israel which this Blog covered.
Was I duped into being part of one part of the Tory part attack on another .
I don't know Oscar always seemed to have it in for all the members of Conwy council and there might be some sighs of relief  from all the elected members there .
I never included Thoughts of Oscar on my Recommended Blog List not because I was opposed to it seemingly right agenda (although I was ) but because its attacks on local Paryy apparatchiks laced the analysis and humour of  such blogs as Y Cneifiwr.

Still it looks like "Welsh" is going to tearing itself apart for the conceivable future .

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