Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lady Bracknell on Welsh Labour losing two council leaders.

After  the coup on Swansea council where  Labour's Council Leader  Coun Phillips  unexpectedly stepped down from his post ain order to “focus on building Swansea’s regional and national profile come news that 
Ten Wrexham councillors, including council leader Neil Rogers, have quit the Labour group and the Labour Party.
Mr Rogers blamed "interference" in Labour group meetings by unelected local party "liaison officers".
With 23 members, Labour was the biggest group on the council, running the authority with independent councillors.
A Welsh Labour spokesman said: "This is a disappointing decision. Further discussions will take place over the coming days."
Mr Rogers told BBC Wales that staff from Welsh Labour headquarters in Cardiff were not involved in the interference.
He accused the liaison officers of having "their own personal agenda" rather than "what's best for the people of Wrexham".
"When we go out there we have to be united as a party, and I feel over the last few months we have not been," he said.
Cllr Rogers recently sacked lead member for finance Cllr Malcolm King, also a Labour member, over allegations he made against a Wrexham social work service.
However a Labour source claimed it was a row over the closed Plas Madoc Leisure Centre, and whether £100,000 should be given over two years to help reopen it, which was the final straw that split the group.
The source said: “The majority of the local Labour councillors have backed plans to reopen Plas Madoc from the start. Sadly, some refused to support the community and have now resigned.”
Cllr Rogers said: “I would like to emphasise that no decision has been taken on this matter. However, perhaps they could let us know where the extra monies would come from to support the proposal? From children’s services, social care or education?”
The ruling council group was made up of Labour, Democratic Independents and the Conservatives. Talks are now underway to form a new ruling group.
This is the third leader to quit since Labour stormed int out Town Hall in many parts of Wales in 2011.
There's clearly something wrong and alarm bells mist be ringing at Cardiff Labour HQ as it begins to look like the Party may be falling apart.

As Lady Bracknell may have put it

Labour have had a god run in Wales holding most of thier seats in Council Byelections (Plaid in the Vale of Glalmorgan is the only one I can think off) but one wonders how long this will continue?

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