Monday, 8 September 2014

Too Little Too Late?

After  a weekend break at my Nephew weeding of my Nephew Rhys to the lovely Lucy where the reception was held   in the incredibly picturesque  village of Bibury in GloucestershireEngland.

 A picture of Bibury is seen on the inside cover of all United Kingdom passports, making it the most depicted village in the world.

Coming back and reading the news  i fins that there may be a huge sea change in the Scottish Independence referendum.

 The major change seems to be Labour Voters switching to the the YES camp

There's  an excellent article by Another Angry Voice AAV .


AAV may well be the best Wing Blog in these Islands and has in my mind enhanced his credibility by supporting a YES vote for progressive left reasons.

Thoma's latest article points out "how Labour dropped the ball on Scottish independence"

He writes

the debate over greater autonomy for Scotland could have been a great opportunity for Labour to showcase their differences from the Tory party. Instead they have chosen to "dance with the devil" by openly siding with the Tory party in order to oppose greater autonomy for the Scottish people.
It's not like this is the first time that Ed Miliband has decided to openly collude with the Tories either. Back in March 2013 Miliband allowed Iain Duncan Smith to table a vile piece of retroactive legislation as "emergency legislation" so that it could be passed through parliament in a single day, and then ordered his MPs to abstain from the vote, in order to allow Iain Duncan Smith to retroactively cover up the fact that through his sheer incompetence he had unlawfully forced thousands of people onto unpaid labour schemes. In July 2014 Miliband and the Labour leadership sided with the Tories once again by ordering Labour MPs to vote in favour of a Tory bill to allow the security services to continue dredging the private communications data of millions of innocent people.
One of the clearest illustrations of the stupidity of choosing to sing from the Tory hymnsheet is the way that Labour have been forced to present two completely different narratives on the NHS either side of the border. Down in England the Labour Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham has warned that "NHS privatisation is

being forced through at pace and scale" and called for a halt to NHS privatisations until the 2015 General Election. Meanwhile, north of the border Alistair Darling (who like all Scottish Labour MPs is a man who is fighting desperately for his job not to be abolished) has tried to ridicule people's concerns over NHS privatisation as "scaremongering". The hopelessness of Labour's mixed messages on the NHS are a direct consequence of their decision to side so closely with the Tory party.
The Labour decision to unify with the Tories and Lib-Dems in a battle against greater autonomy for Scotland has also strongly reinforced the the impression that there is essentially no difference between the three Westminster establishment parties. Whichever one you vote for, you'll get virtually the same policies. The only difference being the colour of the tie of the politician who is voting to sell off your public services on the cheap to their corporate mates,voting in favour of new draconian legislation to restrict the freedoms of the public in order to protect the interests of the establishment class, and all the while fiddling their expenses to make sure they make as much money as possible out of the Westminster gravy train.

Noe Labout are involved in a desperate scramble  with the Tories to offer increase powers 

According to the  Telegraph 

Gordon Brown is to take centre stage in the knife-edge fight to save the United Kingdom after announcing an exhausting tour across Scotland to persuade voters “change is coming” even if there is a No vote.
The former Prime Minister will travel the length and breadth of the country in the final 10 days of the campaign with stops in villages, towns and cities including Clydebank, Kilmarnock, Kirkcaldy, Inverness, Galashiels, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen.
He will use the tour to argue that voters face a choice between having a stronger Scottish Parliament within the UK and separating entirely with all the risks that entails.
Speaking on his first stop at a rally in Midlothian, he will deliver a speech comparing the Unionist parties’ plans for extra devolution with the “economic minefield” that would follow a Yes vote.
Mr Brown will cite uncertainty over the currency, accuse the SNP of having no “Plan A” on the economy and warn Alex Salmond’s threat to default on Scotland’s share of the UK’s national debt would make the country a “hostage to fortune”.

But  it looks like its too little too late. 

It appears to me that Labour believed that there would ma a large rejection of the Independence question and that would lead to collapse of the SNP vote in Scotland and that they could bury that party  Scotland for a generation and resume their previous  hegemony there.

Now it beginning  to look that the biggest losers may well be Labour in Scotland  even if there is a NO vote.

The sheer energy and positive message from the YES campaign may well still stem over . Will those Labour activist and voters who have been campaigning for a YES vote return to backing a Part that has been cahoots with the Tories who may well win the General Election next year 

And although s Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg ( a real lulu)   made a public call for the Prime Minister to reserve two Cabinet seats for Ukip – or sit back and watch Ed Miliband move into Downing Street. seems to be unlikely its hard to avoid the suspicion he was kite flying for the Euro sceptic band of Tory MPs who may well be in the majority

In an article on , Mr Rees-Mogg says Mr Farage could become Deputy Prime Minister while another Ukip MP could be Minister for Europe

In the run up to 2015 Scottish Voters may wel turn on the party that put them in to thie position of Farage in the Cabinet but it well mean Labour who bear the wrath.

It s probably to late to organise  now but if the is a NO vote it might be an advantage for those in the YES campaign to fight the next UK election as a Bloc and wining the majority of Scottish votes.

In a few days we will know the result but it maybe years before we know the outcome. 

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