Monday, 22 September 2014

EVEL can't and will not work.

The prospect of English Votes for English Laws EVEL (Must advoid EVIL) has risen due to Cameron using the Scottish Independence referendum to boost his own English Nationalism.

The argument that England is in the position of having Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland MPs voting on English  Laws is a compelling one  but Cameron's solution will create huge constitutional problems.

It could see a Labour Prime Minister not having a majority of English MPs and constantly losing ELEV votes .

It could see the Leader of the Opposition be effectively English Prime Minister  and  the UK Prime Minister or may be his or her deputy being leader of the opposition.

Having a Cabinet minister in areas like Education and Health from outside England at the Westminster Parliament is controversial now, It would be Impossible under EVEL

This would mean that there wil be few opportunities for Welsh and Scottish members to climb the greasy pole with probably (Outside the Wales and Scottish Office) only PM,Chancellor ,Defence Foreign and Home secretary open. NI members do not usually seek such office.

But with even junior posts denied them  there 's not much future for a Welsh or Scottish MP who has high ambitions.

It will see English  MPs justifiably claiming they working harder than their Celtic counterparts and demanding more pay.

There are many more problems but there's one that may have to be addressed

What will effectively be an English Parliament  with the same powers and Scotland (and that shows our Assembly's weakness) will the own one not elected under PR.

Clearly currently an English Parliament ou side Westminster under PR would have a large number of Ukip members and s mattering of Greens. But  unless votes under EVEL are weighted meaning  Green MP Caroline Lucus may be given say 10 votes it would be pretty undemocratic compared to the devolved Powers.

EVEL will create more problems that it solves. If the English Question is to be answered it will not be through this.

Its about time the Westminster Parties took it seriously and looked at what would best be best for England and not their own political advantage.

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