Saturday, 20 September 2014

Britannia waves the rules once again.

Not since the blushing Bride had it it off with the Best-man at the wedding Reception has avow been broken  so swiftly.

Three party leader's promise to Scotland
The Daily Record which was prominent in calling for a NO vote. claimed that

The agreement was brokered by former prime minister Gordon Brown and Scottish Labour. This new pledge means that all the parties with a chance of forming the next UK government have guaranteed the ‘extensive’ new powers will be put on the statute book next year.
Brown said: ‘We have agreed a timetable for that stronger Scottish Parliament – a timetable to bring in the new powers that will go ahead if there is a No vote. A White Paper by November, put into draft legislation by January.'”

And the day after a NO vote!
Prime Minister David Cameron seems to think that the referendum was about England and is  is proposing a system where only MPs from England would vote on English issues in Parliament.
He has also said the three main Westminster parties will deliver their campaign pledge to boost the powers of Scotland's devolved parliament.
Nick Clegg has  also stated that there will need to be changes in the way English and Scots MPs vote in parliament if Scotland rejects independence and acquires more devolved powers.
The deputy prime minister said it did not make sense for Scots MPs to have precisely the same say over solely English matters as English MPs if devolution increased.
However David  Miliband has signalled he will not sign up to David Cameron's plan for a new UK-wide devolution settlement in the wake of the Scottish referendum.
Mr Cameron wants enhanced powers for the Scottish Parliament and new powers for English MPs at Westminster agreed, in draft, before the 2015 election.
But Mr Miliband wants a "constitutional convention" after the election to discuss devolution plans for England.

Which in itself would make it very unlikely the Vows promise that ‘extensive’ new powers will be put on the statute book next year.

So when the three main Party leaders rushed to Scotland in Unity to preserve the Union when it seemed that's there just might be a YES vote  at least two seemed to have England in mind and one a taking shop that could last years.

And as for Wales English Votes for English Laws could mean theft English MPs will have more devolved powers than our AMs in Cardiff
Scotland has been totally shafted  and any Idea that Wales will get anything from the aftermath.
There has ben talk on the   Blog that those who had worked so hard for a YES campaign  should remain to gether and fight the General Election as "Scottish Bloc".
Maybe we could extend it to ali the Celtic countries and have a Celtic Bloc fighting the next generation with a designated leader and who would work together at Westminster and maybe including Greens representing English constituencies.
Its probably to late in the day but  if contender the SNP leadership should raise this maybe things would move swiftly.
Certainly a Bloc could easily be the largest Party at Westminster.
Worth considering?


  1. English votes for English laws also rules out the possibility of any Welsh or Scottish MP becoming Prime Minister, can't see Labour agreeing to that as they see Westminster as the ultimate power.

  2. I hope to go into this on Monday.