Friday, 12 September 2014

Is the BBC a puppet of Westminster?

Yesterday the BBC managed to disgrace itself  in apress Conference Nick Robinson  Robinson asked for a specific answer on RBS and a more general one on scaremongering by business chiefs.  Something the BBC News had gllefullu been reporting 

Salmond explained the RBS situation, referring to Corporation Tax and to the letter sent by RBS to employees assuring them that it had no intention of removing any operations or jobs. He dealt with the general scaremongering issue with aplomb  by pointing out that such warnings were repeats of ones made and responded to months ago. and turning the tables on the BBC and Robinson  who heckled the First Minister resulting in this. which received applause from Robinson fellow journalists 

So it  hardly surprising that the BBC did not show the clip . But it got worse. Nick Robinson told viewers of the 6 O’Clock News that Salmond “didn’t answer” his question , when anyone can see from the clip  for  that he answered both parts of Robinson’s question maybe not to the journalists  satisfaction but he did

Yesterday we saw an coordinated  and possibly successful the UK government to damage the YES campaign.

Statements from leading retailers that shoppers would face higher prices in an independent Scotland were requested by Prime Minister David Cameron.
Several chains, including Asda and John Lewis, issued statements claiming a Yes vote could mean a price hike for Scottish shoppers.
Andy Clarke, president and CEO of Asda, said: "If we were no longer to operate in one state with one market and – broadly – one set of rules, our business model would inevitably become more complex.  We would have to reflect our cost to operate here."
This is a a company owned by  the USA Walmart so its already a foreign firm who have ab appalling track record on hits treatment of its employees,

Another  the John Lewis Partnership chairman Sir Charlie Mayfield, said Scottish shoppers would be likely to face higher prices post-independence.
Mayfield said: "[It costs] more money to trade in parts of Scotland and therefore those hard costs, in the event of a Yes vote, are more likely to be passed on." The company own Waitrose  who have about 3 stores in Scotland.
Maybe Independence will lead to a rise in Aldi and Lidl stores in Scotland and the what the "major" supermarkets are worries about.
However the  issue of the price of shopping after independence recently caused embarrassment for the No campaign after leaflets claimed supermarket giant Tesco would increase prices in the event of a Yes vote.  The leaflet contained an image of what appeared to be a Tesco supermarket receipt.
However the claim were  rubbished by Tesco with an official stating the company had no such plans to increase prices in the event of a Yes vote.
BBC reporter Robert Peston claimed to have been told that the Conservative leader secretly met with supermarket hours before the statements were released.
In a tweet, Peston said:
 "I have learned that PM met supermarket bosses at No.10 this afternoon & urged them to go public on how prices would rise in indie Scotland."
Robinson later backtracked which is hardly surprising it .

The BBC has been manipulated by the Westminster Government whether willingly or not is open to question . But to ignore the truth when it emerges shows that the cooperation can no longer be trusted 

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  1. The BBC is the propaganda tool of the British establishment and as such pays scant regard to the concept of honest reporting if it does not suit it's political masters. Their propaganda is subtle but none the less effective. Given the obvious and numerous serious flaws in the British state, without that propaganda and the help from other equally flawed parts of the British establishment Scotland Wales and Cornwall would already be free.