Tuesday, 9 September 2014

So if Scotland voted NO the Unionist know they want vague promises

With the BBC  this morning seemingly  abandoning all pretense of impartiality  including the trick of intervewing Unionist politicians before 8. Am and YES campaigner later (when many have left for work) they jin with te rest of the media supporting a undemocritic move to save the Ubio.
They lead onGordon Brown leading  a desperate fightback against a surge of support for independence in Scotland as he unveiled a proposed timetable for more powers – just as another poll showed the race was set to go to the wire.
The former Prime Minister  who only lately described himself as "An Ex Politician" revealed a timetable for further powers for Holyrood would begin the day after the vote, with a No vote the “starting gun” for a new Scotland Act drawn up to give the country greater control over finance, welfare and taxation.
But his intervention came as new research published by polling firm TNS revealed the Yes Scotland campaign had closed an eight-point gap in less than a month and are now tied at 41% with Better Together among those certain to vote, with a further 18% undecided. TNS has tended to poll support for Yes at lower levels than rivals

Once again I find myself alone in pointing out the totally Undemocratic nature of a NO vote being seen as a vote for more powers for Scotland.

Although Alex Salmond wanted it Prime Minister David Cameron ruled out Devo Max  the option that appeared  to be  the overwhelming majority of Scottish people would have preferred. and Labour went along with it.

As Another Angry Voice points out.
Devo Max would have transferred more political powers to Scotland, but kept the Union in tact when it came to defence policy and foreign affairs. The evidence is absolutely clear that Devo Max would have been the preferred option of the Scottish electorate. When asked to choose between Devo Max and full independence, the Devo Max option won 61% to 39%. When asked to choose between Devo Max and continuation of the status quo, Devo Max won by 62% to 38%.

Now the Unionist parties are scrambling  to claim to be offering some version of it but there is no clear proposal  that voters can see and we now have a referendum  where there is  a clear idea what a YES vote means but none what a NO vote does,

I may be in favour of a YES but  I am a democrat and  it is affront to claim that a NO vote can be interpreted in such a way.

It is dishonest to promise such a thing  .because you are now afraid you are going to lose .

The media including the BBC will push this even if they are opposed to more powers. 
Scotland must realise this and vote YES  for a positive future rather than vague promises.

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