Friday, 19 September 2014

First thoughts Gutted for Scotland but proud of the YES campaign.

It has been a long and disappointing night and perhaps it will be an even more disappointing as the Media crow over the NO victory in the Scottish referendum.

A rejection by 55% to 45% will appear to be emphatic however the YES campaign won in Glasgow and it does look that ti was Labour voters switching to the YES camp.

You can almost hear the relief from the BBC as the results came in and in future weeks  their role in the election when they abandoned all pretence of impartiality .
84% turn out 

It has been probably been one of the most extraordinary referendum campaigns  ans the rejection pf the proposal still apparently means that there e may still be considerable constitutional change in Scotland 

At the start of this year the opinion polls the YES side were on 28% so there was considerable move to a yes vote.

But alas it was not enough.

With all the media except one small Sunday Newspaper  backing a NO vote it was David versus Goliath  campaign.

And it is clear that YES fought the best campaign  though it while before the Media acknowledge  this.

I am writing this as David Cameron is speaking and he has mentioned giving Wales more powers 
and English votes for English laws.

We shall see.

I expect expectations wil be watered down in the coming months .

It is said that settled for a generation even as Alex  Salmond has said  a lifetime.

But we shall see 

A vote to exit the EU after the next General Election where Scotland may well vote the other way may prompt a second referendum earlier.than expected 

Or indeed if English MPs block substantial powers be transferred to the Scottish Parliament and 2Substantial Powers" turn into merely piecemeal change..

A referendum  has been held but has not settled the matter  and  as we now turn out attention back to Wales  this blog will be campaigning foe Wales to receive parity with Scotland as we go on the long road to Independence which may be longer but may not be so rocky.


  1. Good morning! This is a good morning for Wales and for the United Kingdom.

    You refer to "A vote to exit the EU after the next General Election". I'm confident that there will not be such a referendum. The Labour party (which will undoubtedly form the next Westminster government) has said that there will not be a referendum unless it is proposed to give the EU extra powers.

    It is widely acknmowledged that the No side fought the best campaign. While hundreds of young people (mainly young men) gathered in squares waving the saltire and shouting slogans to themselves, the No side quietly went around escorting elderly residents to vote. And you have to acknowledge that Gordon Brown made a brilliant speech.

    A lot of Wel;sh people travelled up to support the No campaign. In fact a man from my village was on television cheering as the results come in.

  2. I don't agree that NO fought the best campaign far from it and I bet more Welsh people traveled to support the YES side. The Unionist may be triumphant now.But I suspect it is Pyrrhic victory .When neither Labour or Tories come up with any real constitutional change.

    And would not bet on a Labour victory next year and the way will Scotland and indeed Wales think?