Monday, 15 September 2014

"Wales for a United Kingdom" has very little Welsh input.

 Some of you may be aware there's a Facepost page "Wales for a United Kingdom" It however seems to be "Liked by 2554 people but most seem to be living outside Wales. Have look at at see how many of the contributors 

They include  this picture  of about 200 "hands across the Boarder supporters at Gretna

Of course all you have to do  us flip it and Independence is nearly ON

it seems they get upset when "Nationalists" have a go at them for using the BBC Proms in the Park as a Better Together Symbol

We had a major attack on this page last night from the nationalists because we posted about the BBC proms in the park. Just to be loud and clear there was a record attendance last night in Swansea for the British proms, record attendance in Glasgow, record attendance in London and record attendance in Northern Ireland. If you want to see how Wales really feels about independence all you have to do is check out the polls
Well okay they may have a point about the Polls in wales  but the proms in the Park wasn't attended  by people showing their live for the Union  it was a free Concert  playing  music they wanted to listen to.

But the sheer duplicity  of a Wales for the United Kingdom page  which seems  to have very little Welsh input  show how the Better Together campaign works  that they have to create a Welsh Page that claims to have over 2000 likes but most of who don't even live here.

Have a look at it and have a laugh.


  1. How can you tell where they are from?

    1. Easy. By simply clicking on their names which takes you to their Facebook page .

  2. Wouldn't a more accurate name for this little group be "Foreigners in favour of keeping Wales in poverty"? Any Scots still in two minds should Google "British inequality" and that might just persuade them to vote in their best interests.