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Cardiff YES Rally becomes part of the YES Vibe

I managed to attend   *Wales Supporting YES* Rally yesterday  I imagine the 500 odd turn out was about the organised expected  much more and we would be spilling out on to the streets below and causing congestion

Mind you it was nothing  compared to what was happening in Scotland

Wings over Scotland show two photos one of the BBC coverage of events in Glasgow
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And one of the real event

Maybe the BBC is trying to be impartial and that they feel they can   only find a small number of NO campaigners  so have do the same for the YES campaign.

I took a peak at the Official Better Together campaign and even they don't  have photo's  that even match Yesterday Cardiff Yes rally.

And despite the Nay Sayers The Polls show that the momentum is with the YES campaign .

I may not have the credentials of Professor John Curtice but maybe he should lok at he figures again

Polling organisation/clientSample sizeYesNoUndecidedLead
14–20 JanTNS BMRB1,05429%42%29%13%
3–10 JanTNS BMRB/BBC Scotland1,00828%42%30%14%
21–24 JanICM/Scotland on Sunday1,00437%44%19%7%
21–27 JanYouGov1,19233%52%15%19%
29–31 JanSurvation/Mail on Sunday1,01032%52%16%20%
3–5 FebYouGov/The Sun1,04734%52%14%18%
29 Jan – 6 FebPanelbase/Sunday Times1,01237%49%14%12%
28 Jan – 6 FebTNS BMRB99629%42%29%13%
13 FebChancellor of the Exchequer's speech on currency union
17–18 FebSurvation/Scottish Daily Mail1,00538%47%16%9%
18–21 FebPanelbase/Scottish National Party1,02237%47%16%10%
17–21 FebICM/Scotland on Sunday1,00437%49%14%12%
20–25 FebIpsosMORI/STV1,00132%57%11%25%
24–28 FebYouGov/Scottish Sun1,25735%53%12%18%
6–7 MarSurvation/Daily Record/Better Nation1,00239%48%13%9%
26 Feb – 9 MarTNS BMRB1,01928%42%30%14%
7–14 MarPanelbase/Newsnet Scotland1,03640%45%15%5%
18 MarRelease of Scottish Labour Devolution Commission Report
17–21 MarICM/Scotland on Sunday1,01039%46%15%7%
20–24 MarYouGov/The Times1,07237%52%11%15%
21 Mar – 2 AprTNS BMRB98829%41%30%12%
28 Mar – 4 AprPanelbase/Wings Over Scotland1,02541%46%14%5%
4–7 AprSurvation/Daily Record1,00237%47%16%10%
4–9 AprPanelbase/Yes Scotland1,02440%45%15%5%
11–15 AprSurvation/Sunday Post[dead link]1,00138%46%16%8%
14–16 AprICM/Scotland on Sunday1,00439%42%19%3%
25–28 AprYouGov/Channel 41,20837%51%12%14%
23 Apr – 2 MayTNS BMRB99630%42%28%12%
9–12 MaySurvation/Daily Record[dead link]1,00337%47%17%10%
8–14 MayPanelbase/Sunday Times1,04640%47%13%7%
12–15 MayICM/Scotland on Sunday1,00334%46%20%12%
21–28 MayTNS BMRB1,01130%42%28%12%
30 MayOfficial Campaign Period begins
26 May – 1 JunIpsos MORI/STV1,00336%54%10%18%
2 JunRelease of Scottish Conservatives Strathclyde Commission Report[6]
6–10 JunSurvation/Daily Record1,00439%44%17%5%
9–11 JunPanelbase/Yes Scotland1,06043%46%12%3%
9–12 JunICM/Scotland on Sunday1,00236%43%21%7%
16 JunRelease of the draft Scottish Independence Bill consultation paper[5]
12–16 JunYouGov/The Sun1,03936%53%11%17%
10–23 JunTNS BMRB/Scotland September 181,00432%46%22%14%
25–29 JunYouGov/The Times1,20635%54%12%19%
4–8 JulSurvation/Daily Record1,01341%46%13%5%
25 Jun – 9 JulTNS BMRB99532%41%27%9%
7–11 JulICM/Scotland on Sunday1,00234%45%21%11%
16–22 JulPanelbase/Sunday Times1,04141%48%11%7%
30 Jul – 1 AugSurvation/Mail on Sunday1,00040%46%14%6%
28 Jul – 3 AugIpsos MORI/STV1,00640%54%7%14%
5 AugBroadcast of Salmond & Darling: The Debate
6–7 AugSurvation/Scottish Daily Mail1,01037%50%13%13%
4–7 AugYouGov/The Sun1,14235%55%10%20%
23 Jul – 7 AugTNS BMRB1,00332%45%23%13%
11–14 AugICM/Scotland on Sunday1,00538%47%14%9%
12–15 AugYouGov/The Times1,08538%51%11%13%
12–15 AugPanelbase/Yes Scotland1,02642%46%12%4%
25 AugBroadcast of Scotland Decides: Salmond versus Darling
26–28 AugSurvation/Scottish Daily Mail1,00141%47%12%6%
28 Aug – 1 SepYouGov/The Times/The Sun1,06342%48%10%6%
2–4 SepPanelbase/Yes Scotland1,04244%48%8%4%
27 Aug – 4 SepTNS-BMRB99038%39%23%1%
2–5 SepYouGov/The Sunday Times1,08447%45%7%2%
5–9 SepSurvation/Daily Record1,00042%48%10%6%
10–12 SepSurvation/Better Together1,04442%49%9%7%
11 SepBroadcast of Scotland Decides: The Big, Big Debate
9–11 SepOpinium/The Observer Scotland1,05543%47%10%4%
9–11 SepICM/Guardian1,00040%42%17%2%
9–11 SepYouGov/The Times/The Sun1,26845%50%5%4%

Since January the  No lead has narrowed from 13% to the latest Poll of Polls  which has NO on 51% and YES on 49%

What in January looked like a emphatic YES vote it now close to call .

Unless maybe among those on the Street who may be experiancing a vibe not reflected by the pollsters  and it seems from here that this vibe is a YES vote.



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