Friday, 16 December 2016

Welsh Office changes logo Churchill delighted.

It has always been a question of the role of the Secretary of State for Wales whether he (or she) represents Wales in the Government or the Government in Wales.

It seems that this has been resolved.

The Wales Office has had a rebrand with the seal featuring the Welsh dragon vanishing.
The department now styles itself on social media as “UK Government Wales”.
The Old Logo clearly has an identity with the dragon  being  removed along with the Welsh motto “Y Ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn” 

It is an old badge even more the Welsh Office was established 

The badge established in 1953  is blazonedWithin a circular riband Argent fimbriated Or bearing the motto Y DDRAIG GOCH DDYRY CYCHWYN ["the red dragon inspires action"], in
Churchill, the then prime minister, despised the badge's design, as is revealed in the following Cabinet minute from 1953:
P.M. [Churchill]Odious design expressing nothing. but spite, malice, ill-will and monstrosity.Words (Red Dragon takes the lead) are untrue and unduly flattering to Bevan.
Ll.G. [Gwilym Lloyd George]Wd. rather be on R[oyal] Arms. This (dating from Henry VII) will be somethg.We get no recognition in Union – badge or flags.[

So even though it is a colonial badge it at leasr fives some reconisation,

The new Logo does not

It seems current Secretary of State Alun Cairns thinks so 

Stressing the goal was to improve clarity, :.”
A Wales Office spokesperson said:

 "The reason for the change in branding is that in Wales, too many people still don't know precisely which government is responsible for what, and can be confused when receiving communications from a number of different we believe it is important that we demonstrate a unified UK government voice so people are aware of what services that the UK government provides in Wales, and what it is accountable for."

The Scottish Office has its own logo for now which use the royal arms of Scotland

Will there be any attempts to replace the above I wonder for clarity's sake?

Of course all are colonial symbols , but it looks like a deliberate attempt to stress who is actually in charge .

I agree with  former Shadow Welsh Secretary Paul Flynn  who said the Wales Office was a “zombie” department which had outlived its purpose.
He said:
 “It’s lost its function and it exists mainly now to give the Conservatives a voice... A voice that democracy has never given them in Wales.”
The Newport West MP continued: “We ought to give it a decent burial and I’d be happy to go along and deliver a eulogy to it and fill the hole up with a large slab to make sure that resurrection isn’t possible...
....“Institutions do continue, you know, beyond their lifetime’s span.”
There should be Office of Devolved powers whose purpose is to deal with the devolved powers and not to dictate to them.

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