Friday, 2 December 2016

If Richmond is to be seen as victory for a Progressive Alliance, Lib Dems must reciprocate.

The Liberal Democrats have produced a stunning byelection victory to unseat Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park, overturning a 23,000 majority to remove the former Conservative MP in a vote which they may well be seen as shifting the Byelection from the reason Goldsmith resigned. Opposition to the Heathrow expansion to a de facto plebiscite on the government’s Brexit plans.

In one of the more unusual and closely contested byelections of recent years, which may be used to support a Progressive Alliance  the Conservatives, Greens and Ukip stepped aside entirely. The Tories decided to not oppose Goldsmith, Ukip backed him and the Greens threw their support behind Olney and the Lib Dems/

According to Wikipedia

.The results in the EU referendum on 23 June 2016 were reported by local authority, and, as the constituency consists of parts of two local authorities, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, the exact referendum vote in Richmond Park is not known. However, Chris Hanretty, a Reader in Politics at the University of East Anglia, estimated through a demographic model that Richmond Park had one of the dozen lowest 'Leave' votes in the entire country. His latest estimates suggest that 27.7% of Richmond Park voters voted 'Leave', and thus that 72.3% voted 'Remain'.
By-election 2016: Richmond Park[57][58][59]
Liberal DemocratSarah Olney20,51049.68+30.41
IndependentZac Goldsmith18,63845.15-13.06
LabourChristian Wolmar1,5153.67-8.67
Monster Raving LoonyHowling Laud Hope1840.45N/A
IndependentFiona Syms1730.42N/A
Christian PeoplesDominic Francis Stockford1640.40N/A
One LoveMaharaja Jammu and Kashmir670.16N/A
No labelDavid Powell320.08N/A
Liberal Democrat gain from ConservativeSwing+21.73

2015 general election[edit]

General Election 2015: Richmond Park[60][61][62]
ConservativeZac Goldsmith34,40458.21+8.5
Liberal DemocratRobin Meltzer11,38919.27-23.5
LabourSachin Patel7,29612.34+7.3
GreenAndrée Frieze3,5486.00+5.0
UKIPSam Naz2,4644.17+3.0
Conservative holdSwing+16.0

This may well be used as an example of a Progressive Alliance something I fully endorse.

But if this is to continue then the Lib Dems need to stop tactics such as a fake newspaper put through his door. It’s more convincing than the usual literature used by political parties, and even goes as far as including reports from “a senior Gazette reporter” who does not exist. 

Goldsmith tactic ts in Richmond in the past have been controversial, but there is no excuse for this.

The Greens stood down in this Election and openly backed the Lib Dem candidate.

Hopefully we will see the Liberal Democrats reciprocate   in favour of the Greens, or will Richmond convince the Lib Dems that they do not need a "Progressive Alliance " and go it alone.

I welcome the Lib Dems  victory but lets be clear a Progressive Alliance must be more then just opposing Brexit or the Tories, but be forward thinking in many areas including the constitution.

It also means an end to the dirty tactics (successful as they are ) that the Lib Dems constantly use.

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