Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Labour-Tory coalition anyone?

That notoriously unstable country of Finland  has bean plunged into further  political chaos  after no party once again were able to win a majority of seats in the General Election on Sunday

Not really Although the Center Party of  was the largest party after the election they were well short of the 101 they needed to win an absolute majority
Centre Party625,68721.1049+14
National Coalition Party539,61518.2037–7
Finns Party523,04517.6438–1
Social Democratic Party489,70516.5134–8
Green League252,8728.5315+5
Left Alliance211,6157.1412–2
Swedish People's Party of Finland144,5204.8790
Christian Democrats105,0223.545–1

There is also one member from the autonomous Aland Islands who tend to align with the Swedish Peoples Party
The Election was held under the same  system as we use in  Wales for the Assembly elections 

The previous government consisted of  by a four party coalition, composed of the National Coalition PartySocial Democratic PartySwedish People's Party and the Christian Democrats as well as the MP for Åland.

So its likely that there will be rejigging of coalition partners and Finland will carry on under a Centre led government 

The nature of Finnish politics is somewhat confusing with even the Fins party the nearest thing to Ukip being described as   as fiscally centre-left, socially conservative,[18] a "centre-based populist party" or the "most left-wing of the non-socialist parties"

But the point is that even with no party  close to the 101 the Finish government will be formed there will be no crisis . It might even see the Swedish Peoples Party entering government. again .

And yet in here UK  a multi-party coalition seems to be impossible .

Although both the SNP and Plaid have said they will enter into coalition with Labour the London media treat this as  spectra and indicate  that it would be somehow undemocratic 

But in all this talk of coalitions why haven;'t it  been brought up that two of the parties who have already said they will continue  with the Austerity programme , cuting the deficit and preserving the Union.

They worked together under"Better Together" for a Yes vote last years they may well find it convenient  to work together  "to save the UK from the anarchy of the SNP"
A Labour-Tory grand coalition as in Germany between the CDU and SDP.

Is it worth a bet.?


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