Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Tories Ponty campaign relies on UK media.

I have finalist received all the Pontypridd candidates election leaflets

The Lib Dem's Perennial candidate  gives us  his usual English only leaflet , Which concentrates largely on  devolved issues like Education and the NHS

Mike is a plumber when hes not a full time councillor by trade so this is rther odd

I hope he's not based this on his own estimates

The Tory leaflet  is at least bilingual but very short on detail to say the least

They won four seats in the Pontypridd part of Rhondda Cynon Taf and received decent votes in other wards.

However this seems to be the extent of their campaign . It seems to be pushing Theressa May rather than the candidate. Whats her name , At the start of the campaign it may have been a good idea but nit now.

With a candidate from Oxford m it appears that they have written off Ponty as winnable seat so if you have any qualms about letting the Tories in here don't worry and you can vote for Plaid  and not the Red Tory Owen Smith and nit worry.

Indeed in what is a fight  for second place it would be a a pretty poor statement  if the Tories came second with a piss poor campaign here and based on the UK media coverage including the so called impartial BBC.

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