Saturday, 3 June 2017

A Plaid Secretary of State?

The possibility that there will be a hung Parliament  and indeed that Jeremy Corbyn  can ;d enter No 10 has raised instrumenting  possibilities.

If either happens then Jeremy could well claim that he has a mandate to stay on as party leader.

Inded its looking like Corbyn has  more than made up for any loss of support with those who had given up on voting in despair

So where does this leave those  MP's who have constantly derided his leadership and resigned or refused to sit in his Shadow Cabinet.

Take the candidate for Pontypridd  Owen Smith who was defeated by Corbyn when he challenged him gor the leadership and who campaign was so piss poor if it was repeated  now then Labour would still see itself well behind in the polls.

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in his first interview since the result, Smith said:

“Given what I’ve said about where we have gone with Jeremy and how we are not making the inroads into the Tories and into the public popularity that we need to in order to form a Labour government, then I can’t serve alongside him.”
Will he decide to serve on a coalition cabinet?

It would be a case of gross hypocrisy , but the chance to get his Red Boxes would be alluring.

Still there another alternative  and that's to leave the Party a la SDP  and form a new group .

With May falling on her sword , then the Tories could be persuaded to elect  a "moderate" leader (if there is one), then a Unity government could be formed between 2One  Nation" Tories and dissident  Red-Tories.

Fanciful Yes but who but Die Hard  Corbynistors would predict the Polls so close?

Owen Smith in a SDP like Tory cabinet seems unlikely but so is a Plaid MP a minister in a coalition cabinet.

Both seem unlikely but in a turbulent period of politics who can predict what will happen?

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