Friday, 9 June 2017

May's gamble fails but what happens now.

There seems to be a rather curious difference between the results in Scotland and Wales ,

Here inn Wales Plaid were squeezes and out "Welsh Nated" by a Faux Labour Nationalism which seems to  ironically benefited an early poll which saw a large part of Wales turn Tory Blue.Wales  

I wonder how long it will be before 

In Scotland the SNP faced an unholy trinity  Lib Dem, Labour and Tory Unionists who summed to giving Tacit support to each other , which successfully saw the SNP lose over 20 seats

It does seem to have kicked Indyref2 into the long Grass for now , but lets remember that only five years ago the SNP would have 35 seats compared with their then six would have been laughed at.

I suspect the Tories will cling on to power with support of the Ulster Unionist  and I doubt anyone has the stomach for another election. But they face an internal leadership battle which is going to make Brexit the very reason for May calling the election to strengthen her hand  a lot harder.

We are in for a interesting few years.


  1. This is a good result in Wales for Welsh Labour. Give them credit for that. Labour did very well in seats which it did not win, such as Aberconwy. Plaid has kept its three seats and came a respectable thuird in others. Welsh Labour is the National Left, the party of Wales in fact.

    1. Bil! They fought on a Faux nationalist manifesto that they will abandon as soon as they arrive in London. They ate neither National or Left.

  2. Hardly kicks indyref2 into the long grass when SNP won more seats that anyone else in Scotland. Everyone's acting like the Tories won in Scotland, they didn't, they came distant SECOND.

  3. I agree but Westminister Unionist will claim they have a mandate to blo k it.