Monday, 5 June 2017

An election won by who spends the most.

Regular leaders will note that, I have been bemoaning the lack of electoral communications.

Until Saturday I hasd only received that of the Plaid Candidate Elin Fflur but then received a Ukip leaflet and three ,yes three Labour leaflets,

One was a English only leaflet from their Pontyprid Candidate Owen Smith
The second was a bilingual leaflet  from from  "Welsh" Labour and which if you replaced Plaid Cymru for Welsh Labour  and Carwyn Jones for Leanne Wood could have read  like a Nationalist communication.

Indeed one wonders if "Welsh" Labour could emulate the SPLD in Northern Ireland  and become a separate party , whilst sitting on the Government benches?

The Third leaflet was in the shape of letter from someone called Vera Davies from Blaenrhondda.

This seems to be have sent to a number of consistences  and its only in the small print that you can see that it is "Promoted on behalf of Welsh Labour" by someone called Louise  Magee.,

I do not question the existence of Vera Davies  and congratulate on her beautifully hand writing and grammar , She may be an ordinary member of the public  or a Labour activist , but there would be a schismatic shift in the thinking  of people if they now refer to "Welsh Labour" rather than the Labour Party,

Just how many of these letters have gone out and how they will appear in the electoral expenses is open to question ? 

It is accepted that we have has a short election  campaign and that it is was further curtailed , as it was suspended after the terrorist attacks and the death of Rhodri Morgan.

But for a party with such a large membership  . Labour seem incapable of getting activist our  to deliver door by door.

It seems that a Party could fund and carry out an electoral campaign solely from their HQ where , with the use of Mail Shots can mean a relatively small number of paid party members , could  organise targeted mail deliveries by Royal Mail and give the impression they are real contenders.

Indeed it is even possible for a small number of Billionaires to fund a party that virtually have no members and , deliver more electoral communications than a party with mass support  but has to rely on activist to deliver their message by hand.

What does that say about democracy?


  1. Vera Davies, You are an insult to many people who want to better themselves for a better tomorrow, not living in the past, because family members said so.

  2. The handwriting on the reverse of the letter is different to that on the face. Could this be because Mrs Davies passed away some time ago?