Monday, 26 June 2017

Owen Jones , Just another Left-Unionist?

If Owen Jones is any example then those of us who promoted a Progressive Alliance are are in for a appointment.

He has been seem as a fresh and vital alternative , offering a progressive viewpoint , from the usual crap of  Left pr Right  Labour Unionism.

Bur he has raised ire  when he recently tweeted this 

EDINBURGH! Labour can win the next election - but only if we campaign. Join me, this Thursday. Spread the word!: 

Mr Jones seems surprised that  a number of Independence supporters  disagreed with him.
What particularly riled my antagonists was Munro’s reference to “SNP and Tory austerity”. This is an argument made repeatedly by Jeremy Corbyn himself. “Scots have a choice in this election,” said Corbyn in May. “A Labour government which will govern for the many not the few, or the continuation of Tory and SNP austerity.”
The reason Corbyn’s Labour make this argument is that the SNP refuse to use their tax-raising powers to reverse Tory cuts: their argument that it would cause the rich to flee is the standard right-wing objection to progressive taxation. Furthermore, they enforced a council tax freeze for many years that caused cuts to services in Scotland.
As  Colin Alexander Storrier points out in an excellent response 

This is not without consequence. Scotland’s budget has been brutally axed since 2010 to the tune of around £3 billion; severely undermining the ability of the Scottish Government to deliver our vital public services. It’s in this context that the SNP should be applauded for its efforts to mitigate the worst of the Conservative government’s heartless agenda. I ask you this, had the SNP not mitigated the Conservative Party’s austerity measures, then would as many people in the South and North East of Scotland voted Tory in June?
 “the SNP should be applaudedfor their efforts to mitigate theworst of the Conservativegovernment’s heartless agenda”
 And Owen Jones' defense  was   completely shot down by Plaid Leader Leanne Wood  

   Jun 20MoreLeanneWood Retweeted Owen Jones
So Owen, how do you fancy joining to campaign against Labour austerity in ?
Jones however seems to be intent on getting those of us who see Progress as bring a bit more than getting Jeremy Corbyn  as Prime Minister.
....The SNP would be more reliable allies of Corbyn, I’m repeatedly told. Odd, again, given Munro — who I was campaigning for — is a Corbyn supporter. Odd, too, given Nicola Sturgeon’s own publicly expressed view is that  Corbyn’s Labour is “pitifully ineffective.” Odd, also, given the SNP wishes Scotland to leave a country potentially led by Corbyn.In the coming months, I’ll be campaigning in Tory-held seats in England: Labour can take constituencies held by the likes of Iain Duncan-Smith and Boris Johnson. But I’m glad to have combined a visit to my parents with a campaign in a nearby marginal. That’s because I want Labour to win with left-wing candidates in Scotland, England and Wales so that we can have a left-wing Labour government — maybe even by the end of the year.

So basically  is telling us who favour Progressive  politics to put our faith in  Corbyn and a Labour Government,

But Corbyn and his allies have not so far expressed anything  on really reforming our electoral system or expanding devolution  in the current legislatures and perhaps vitally Englamd.

In the 1980's i like many others  would march with other Non- Labour supporters at CND rallies , where we would be constantly tole by the likes of Neil Bannock that only a Labour Government could  remove Trident and we should rely on him and his party.
OK Corbyn is not Kinnock ; but placing out faith in one man will lead to disaster for the Progressive left.

That worked didn't it.

At the last election Labour Candidates yes Candidates were telling voter Scottish marginals to voters Tory if they wanted to remove the SNP.

Owen Jones would be better off looking into this and arguing for a Tory fre Scotland rather than attacking a party that has done its best to mitigate Tory austerity  unlike the Labour Government here in Wales.

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