Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Royal death will certainly affect indyref2.

Its not for me to say whether Nicola Sturgeon should  call  a Second Independence Referendum .

As  Non - Scot unlike the Unionist Media the decision is up to the people if Scotland and their current government,.

I think however I can point out am issue that could affect the outcome if it is called and that is the danger that in the lead up to the vote , we could see the unfortunate death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

He is 96 and is clearly not in good health and the Queen is five years under and it is likely that one or both will pass away in the next five years.

Even if it was only her spouse , I suspect the Queen may decide to abdicate mad we will see a Cora nation.

This will of course (rather morbidly) be a gift to the Unionist Media and what will be a sad time for a family , will be turned into Unionist-Monarchist Jamboree ,

To fight an  year long Independence Referendum under such circumstances  even for those who like me are republicans will be difficult.

We are after all in a minority, although much larger than we are led to believe. in the UK including Scotland .

Indeed just before the First Referendun tAlex Salmond, the then Scottish First Minister, has risked controversy by suggesting that the Queen would be proud to reign over an independent Scotland.

Mr Salmond said he wanted the Queen to remain head of state in a separate Scotland “as her ancestors were”, 
How many Nationalists are republicans who want to get rid of the monarchy is an interesting question , but it is one we could adk of Labour and Liberal Democtats.
However fighting a referendum under the sycophantic Unionist coverage of a coronation is  going to be difficult .
So it could be the case of a Referendum Now  or some years later as we clear up what after all is the inevitable demise of members of the House of Windsor.

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