Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Surely there's an alternative to a Plaid-Con coalition on Conwy.?

The leader (for now at least) of Conwy council has said he may quit Plaid Cymru after forming a cabinet with Conservatives in defiance of what he called a "diktat" from his party bosses.
Gareth Jones told a meeting of the full council on Monday that party politics "should not distract us".
However, two other Plaid members named as members of the cabinet have quit.
Plaid Cymru said it was a proudly grassroots party "governed by the will of its membership".
The former Plaid Cymru AM announced earlier in June he wanted to appoint a cabinet representing all groups after no party won a majority in May's local election.
However, on Friday Plaid Cymru's national executive committee rejected the proposal to include Conservatives in his administration.
The cabinet is currently made up of two Plaid Cymru councillors - including Mr Jones - five Conservative and one independent. Labour had declined the invitation.
Mr Jones said he wanted to reassure people there was "no impasse with delivering services" and the council was "proceeding with full speed".
How Mr Jones cam be described as the Leader of a Cabinet where he is outnumbered by Tory members is a question,
Presenting his team to the full council, Mr Jones said: "I respect the people of Conwy and how they voted. That's what's important, not a diktat that isn't democratic.
"Party politics should have no place here and should not distract us."
A party spokeswoman said: 
"Plaid Cymru is a proudly grassroots party that is governed by the will of its membership.
"Gareth Jones' proposals were put to the party's National Executive Committee where they were rejected in a democratic vote.
"Plaid Cymru will not enter into this proposed coalition on Conwy council."
Party leader Leanne Wood met Conwy's Plaid Cymru councillors following the full council meeting.
When asked if Mr Jones would remain a member of Plaid Cymru, she replied:
"You'll have to ask him".
Mr Jones said he was likely to stay on as leader, but not in the name of Plaid Cymru.
"I believe that the way forward would be for me to relinquish that [membership], to maintain the leadership and try again to persevere towards this consensus," he said.
"It might be a more positive step forward that I do that as an independent than in the name of Plaid Cymru."
Mr Jones is expected to make a final decision after a meeting of the local Plaid Cymru branch on Tuesday.
I believe that Councilor Jones is a man of principle but surely he realises the damage  going into coalitions with the Tories will damage the Party,
We can wonder wonder what the announcement that Plaid were about to do a deal with the Tories on Conwy before the June General Election  did to the Plaid vote
Unless the independents are even worse than the Tories then there must be better way
Maybe not 
The current makeup does seem to put the Independents in the driving seat
CouncilMajorityRun byWebTotalLABPCCONLDGRNOtherVacantLast change
ConwyINDIND...URL598101640210Election, 4 May 2017
So why haven't the y done a deal
Are Labour avoiding a Lab, Plaid, Lib Dem  Coalition.with some independents.
Gareth Jones may be wrong to go into Coalition  with the Tories , but before we condemn him  we need ask . why there seems to be no alternative even if it excludes Plaid?


  1. I can tell you from imopeccable sources that Labour are NOT avoiding a Lab, Plaid, Lib Dem Coalition with some independents. That was what was im place before the recent elections and it worked very well. I'm afraid that Gareth Jones has been very divisive and has even succeeded in dividing his oewn party.

  2. There is something instructive in the latest issue of Atlantic monthly. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/07/power-causes-brain-damage/528711/

    "Over time, leaders lose mental capacities—most notably for reading other people—that were essential to their rise."

  3. Plaid Cymru now has nine seats on Conwy County Borough Council, rather than ten, since Gareth Jones is now sitting as an Independent. How sad.

    1. Gareth has brought it upon himself bill.