Friday, 30 June 2017

Corbyn "He's not the Messiah", he's a Hard Brexiter

It is my belief that Labour have no intention of defeating the Tories and calling a early General Election.

What they want is for the Tories to take all the flack , over Brexit and they can claim the mess yjt ensures is all Mrs May or probably her succesors fault.

It could be argued that  Labour are just following the will of the people  and we are bound by the referendum vote to leave the rEU

I would reluctantly concur with this view.Though I believe that we still should seek to remain in the single market 

However it must also be noted they Jeremy Corbyn is broadly in agreement with a Hard Brexit  and last nights vote where  Jeremy Corbyn has sacked three Labour frontbenchers who voted against the party in favour of a Queen’s speech amendment calling for Britain to remain within the customs union and single market shows that there is  hardly any difference between Corbyn and May,

The Labour leader, who has been emboldened by the general election result, decided to take a tougher approach than after the vote to trigger article 50, when shadow ministers who rebelled were allowed to remain in position.
Shadow housing ministers Andy Slaughter and Ruth Cadbury and shadow Foreign Office minister Catherine West joined dozens of Labour backbenchers, the SNP, Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru in backing the amendment
A fourth frontbencher, Daniel Zeichner, the MP for pro-remain Cambridge, stepped down as shadow transport minister before the vote, arguing that he had to back the position on principle.
In abstaining Corbyn and his supporters hope that the electorate will not lose the support of the Remainers or indeed those who voted for leave but are opposed to Harf Brexit and indeed never envisaged   the sort of Brexit that will leave the UK  once again  seeing  the famous (probably apocryphal) headline 
"Fog in Channel - Continent Cut Off" 

It would be interesting to see how much the young people who seemingly backed Corbyn at the last election are aware that he and his closest advisers  share  the Tory view on a Hard Brexit.

OK n his case Jeremy believes that it will end up with the UK  becoming  a Socialist Utopia not a Try run basket case i predict.

But it is time that Jeremy started to explain his position on a Hard Brexit. But that could wipe out muc  of his new Messianic appeal.

He's not the Messiah he's  a Hard Brexiter

A early General election  would expose his stance and possibly seeing the Remain vote going to parties opposed yo a Hard Brexit  and Labour don't want that preferring Te To = Party system even if it sees the Tories in power.


  1. Yes glyn Jezza is a hard brexiter. And im pleased to see that like myself you havent been afraid to call jezza out on this on your blog (would that more of our felow left wing bloggers took corbyn to task over his capitulation to the xenophobic british right on this issue).

    Given the events of last nite it's now clear that labour's official position is free movement should end and the uk should lave the single market and the customs union. Well that is a hard brexit and talk from the labour leadership of access to the single market 'on the best possible terms' is nonsense - you cant get any 'better terms' than being in the single market and the customs union.

    There's a very important welsh dimension to this issue of course - two thirds of welsh exports are with the single market and walking away from it is clearly going to seriously impact on the welsh economy. But after the events at westminster yesterday its evident the leadership's of both main parties at westminster arent giving a second thought to the consequences to the welsh economy of a hard brexit.

    Credit to those 7 welsh labour MPs and the 4 plaid MPs who voted for the amendment.

  2. Jezza was always a brexiteer. Not sure what all the surprise is. Look at his voting record. The real Labour left were/are all brexiteers. The new, (middle class, university educated well to do, virtue signalling, London set) 'left' however are not. Labour is a party kidding itself about being only the one party