Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Fib Dem Mark Williams Honest Jo portrayal runs hollow.

Well done toe BBC Wales for covering yet another case of Liberal Democrat (Fib Dems) Dirty Tricks in Ceredigion

Or rather not because it seems to me that they have only covered the story in order to allow the Fib Dem candidate to portray himself as an Honest Jo who was not aware of this  and acted accordingly .

It started when Plaid AM Elin Jones attacked a Fib Dem Facebook Ad

Although Plaid have not backed a second referendum unlike the Fib Dems wjo have built their whole campaign on reversing the democratic vote , They heave clearly argued against a Hard Brexit and remaining in the single market.

Mark (Honest Jo) Williams  responded 

screenshot twitter
Which makes him look good except of course the Fib Dems have also produced this leaflet, which has been delivered in the constituency,

Unless Mark Williams is unaware of this as well (in which case he is a pretty poor candidate) ,his Honest Jo portrayal runs hollow.

The Fib Dems claim to be the only party to oppose the Hard Brexit  of May's Tories , has included them using the motive UK wide Party , so they can ignore Plaid , the SNP  who have been standing up for their Nations and insisting on a say in the negotiations and even a Veto.

As I've said the Fib Dems have largely based their entire campaign on gathering votes from those who voted to Remain 

It also a case of gross hypocrisy that they are calling for a second Brexit referendum  but opposing a call for a second Scottish Referendum despite the fact that Scotland voted to Remain and one of the Unionist main arguments was that Scotland told by the Unionist side that a YES vote would see them being forced out of the EU.

A Thoroughly dishonest Party that doesn't deserve the vote of any voter who see themselves on the progressive side.

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