Thursday, 22 June 2017

Labour Lexiters and On Off Welsh Nationalism.

It may be that the Queens Speech was somewhat light on proposed Bill because of the lack of a Conservative majority or Brexit  but  it does seem that ot was rather cruel to get ab 91 year old Women to read out this crap in the middle  of a Heat Wave.

  1. A Civil Liability Bill, designed to address the "compensation culture" around motoring insurance claims
  2. A Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill, establishing a Domestic Violence and Abuse Commissioner to stand up for victims and survivors and monitor the response of the authorities
  3. A Tenant's Fees Bill, banning landlords from charging "letting fees"
  4. A High-Speed Two Bill to authorise the second leg of the rail link from Birmingham to Crewe
  5. A Data Protection Bill to strengthen individuals' rights and introduce a "right to be forgotten".
  6. An Armed Forces Bill allowing people to serve on a part-time and flexible basis
Of course the devil is in the detail  but I wonder how much position there will be to the above.

Which makes me wonder if ther are has been a Tacit agreement with those (including Jeremy Corbyn) who have not exactly voiced opposition to a hard Brexit and who have been accused of being Lexiters (Left leavers)

As far as Wales is concerned Labour has accused Theresa May of treating Wales with “disrespect and disregard” in setting out her legislative programme in the Queen’s Speech.

Shadow Welsh Secretary Christina Rees claimed the Conservatives had “no mandate” in Wales, where the tally of Tory MPs fell from 11 out of 40 to just eight.
Neath MP Ms Rees said
: “This Queen’s speech is the latest example of the disrespect and disregard that Theresa May’s Tories have for Wales... There is no vision and no agenda for Wales – which is perhaps unsurprising from a Tory PM with no mandate here in Wales.”
Ho a member of a UK Unionist  party can claim another Unionist party has 2No mandate in part of that Union is beyond me.

You can't be a Welsh or Scottish Nationalist when it suits your party.

Mid and West Wales Labour AM Eluned Morgan warned of a potential Westminster “power grab” when powers today held by Brussels in devolved areas are returned.
She said:
“There is an assumption in the Queen’s Speech that when powers over agriculture and fisheries return from the EU, that a UK framework will be established. Whilst this at first might look like common sense, this statement represents a power grab by the UK Government of Welsh Government powers.
“This is an unacceptable and we in Wales should resist this onslaught of the devolution settlement at every step. The fact that there was almost no reference to Wales at all in the rest of the Queens speech, simply rubs salt in the wound.”
Plaid Cymru Westminster leader Liz Saville Roberts – whose group has increased in number from three to four – pledged to try and amend the Queen’s Speech, saying: 
“The Prime Minister’s legislative programme is focused far more on soundbites than substance. It is a deficient plan for defining times.
“The UK Government has been completely exposed as having no majority, no mandate and now no plan. The UK Government has neglected its duty to present a legislative programme for all four countries in the UK.
“Despite a vague reference to working with devolved parliaments to build consensus, there was not a single commitment to deliver for Wales. Warm words will not protect the Welsh economy.
“Plaid Cymru will seek to significantly strengthen this legislative programme by placing a series of amendments, including on policing, national finances and fuel poverty, with the Welsh national interest at their heart and to ensure that the legislative programme reflects the challenges facing the whole of the UK.”
It seems to me that the Tories have put forward just enough Non-Brexit  legislation  to avoid a commons defeat.

Just to what extent Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow Lexiters will allow the Tories a free hand is open to question ?

Could it be that any perceive  enthusiasm for a Second General Election is only Hot air?

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