Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Ruth Davidson attends Cabinet meeting, Welsh leader ignored.

It would be foolish  to suggest that Scottish Tory Leader did not have a good election after all she win 12 seats last week and raised the Scottish Tories 40 13 out of 59 sears and of course  she leads a group of 31 out of  129 seats in the Scottish parliament.

But how is that much better than Welsh Toru leader Andrew RT Davies  who may have lost 3 MP last week to bring his totals to  8 out of 40 together with 12 out of 60 AM.

I'm no mathematician but it looks a quite similar ratio.

But yesterday Miss Davidson attended  the Prime Minister's Cabinet meeting on Monday,  While the Welsh Leader does not even sem to have any contact at all with the Prime Minister.

Miss Davidson was given considerable leeway run her own campaign for Westminster seats which proved somewhat successful, but it came as the SNP lost seats from possibly the highest mark any Scottish Party will ever reach again.

Though it seems odd that no one has mentioned that part of the swing against the SNP could have  been because  voters where uneasy that any Party should have that many.

However it is clear Ms Davidson  does have a great deal of influence at the moment  indeed  she seems to be taking a delight in influencing government policy

Ms Davidson told BBC News:
“I'm suggesting that the Conservative Party works with those both within the House of Commons and with people without to ensure that as we leave the EU, we have a Brexit that works for the economy and puts that first.
”There was a real sense around the Cabinet table today, as you would
expect from centre right politicians, that that is the primacy we're looking for.“
Ms Davidson suggested the Government may shift its priority from cutting immigration to ensuring a good deal for business and the economy.
What this and the  Tory=DUP  pact means for devolution is un clear , But with one party in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Conservatives  leader  calling the shots , we can only wonder what the position of the Secretary pf State is to become.

It also seems that the Tories seem to think that the leader of the opposition in the Scottish Parliament  can have more say in Scotland's  First Minister because the former is Tory.

As for  Wales it seems that Number 10 could not even be bothered to include  their Welsh leader in their plans.

Where that leaves our own first Minister is a big question . If Westminster thinks that it should at least to its own Party in Scot lad . the fact that it seems not to happen in Wales speaks volumes for how they regard Wales or rather the West of Briton as they probably prefer we should be called.

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