Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What to do During Thatcher's Funeral?

With it looking to wet in the Beddau area tomorrow . I will probably not be able to avoid the  Thatcher Funeral coverage by going on a long walk.

So instead  I will be digging out my 6 box set of Ken Burn's epic documentary of the American Civil War.

I'm not sure what response other people should take tomorrow .

Demonstrating on the route would I think be in appropriate, it is a funeral after all even though it has been exploited by the right elite and should not taken place payed for by £10 Million of public money. So my advice is stay away.

Others are planning vigils to demonstrate their opposition to Margaret Thatcher  being given a State Funeral for that is what it will be and her legacy.

For those who say that we should show respect for the dead . I say that  by treating the funeral of a former Prime Minister in the same way  as that of a head of  state you have lost all rights to ask for our respect.

Tomorrow the rest of the World will be given the impression that the whole of the UK are in grief over the death of Mrs Thatcher . Which is what those who have organised this have intended.

It is reminiscent of the death of a leader in a totalitarianism state not a democracy.

Sod them. 

Don't try and protest at the actual funeral but elsewhere do what you feel is appropriate to show that you oppose the expense of this funeral and that you have no remorse in the passing of a Prime Minster who destroyed Communities and the lives of many of the UK's inhabitants.


  1. Got to say, were I in your shoes Glyn I'd watch the funeral. There's nothing like a good funeral and the Brits are very good at it.

    It's something us Welsh republicans can learn from in stead of always being so blinking understated with no pomp o'r pageant.

  2. Hopefully Cardiff City will do the business tonight and tomorrow will be a double celebration.

    I've already booked the day off and got the beers in.

    DING DONG!!!

  3. I'm going to watch an old film. I've heard that the Wizard of Oz has one or two happy, cheerful songs.

  4. Good post! Thanks Glyn