Sunday, 7 April 2013

Kirsty Williams late with April Fool.

Some might think that elected [politicians should not take part in April Fools spoofs but Peter Blacks Keeping track of your Welsh Assembly Member  was a humorous attempt.  Though he may have been inspired by reports in the Telegraph last February that Tesco , have been  accused of monitoring staff with electronic armbands.

Which is far from funny.

Still both Peter and his Leader  were a a few days late with an April Fool joke by claiming their party's credit for Tory Chancellor George Osborne  rising the personal tax allowance to £9,440 .

La Pasionaria  in particular seems reluctant to mention the other Tax changes which help the well off

According to the Guardians analysis

 The red book issued alongside the budget reveals that the bottom 10th of households will be worse off by £200 overall in 2013-14, compared to 2010. The next 10th will be hit even harder, losing £250. Only the very highest 10% of earners lose more, around £1,600. The reality is that the cuts in direct taxes, such as the personal allowance, are entirely offset by rises in indirect taxes and the loss of tax credits and benefits.
The rich can be comforted by the cut in the 50% "additional rate" paid by about 250,000 high earners, which drops to 45% in just a fortnight's time – so if you're on £250,000 a year the tax giveaway is worth £5,000.
Osborne said much about help for parents struggling with the costs of childcare, about how he is taking millions more out of the tax net; but on this multi-million pound giveaway for the rich, he was oddly silent.
If you are in the fabled squeezed middle this was a budget in which the chancellor gave with one hand but took with another, pushing many more people into the 40% higher rate tax band.
It is an irony not lost on the Conservative's natural allies, such as the Taxpayers Alliance, that a Conservative chancellor has dragged more people into higher rate tax than any other in history. In just three years Osborne has moved nearly 1 million more people into the 40% band, and from 6 April another 400,000 are likely to join this mostly unhappy ban
 Patrick Collinson
The Guardian, Wednesday 20 March 2013 

La Pasionaria gets even more ridiculous by claiming credit for the Good news (whilst avoiding the bad) on Subordinate Central accompanied with that smug photo (change it Kirsty)

She writes:

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are making a real difference to the lives of the people of Wales. This tax cut is evidence of how in the Coalition Government, the Welsh Liberal Democrat priority is to create a fairer society and a stronger economy, enabling everyone to get on in life.
We all know that you can’t trust the Tories to deliver a fairer society. Their priority is always to help the better off. Let us be in no doubt, this tax cut would not have happened if it was just the Conservatives in Government.
What a load of Tosh 

The Liberal MPs from Wales all three of them may be part of a federal party . But at Westminster they are fully integrated into the coalition.

They are not  some kind of further power brokers and have very little influence even when they party is part of the government.

La Pasionari who can be impressive in the Senedd as opposition leader clearly desires the luxury of opposition and continues to give the impression that the bad decisions at Westminster are nothing to do with her Welsh Liberal Democrats.

She may be right but then no decisions are Westminster are anything to do with her part of a supposedly federal party.

Claiming otherwise only points to the LibDems complacency in the cuts and whatever she tries to cherry pick ,will not help her or her party from the Welsh public wrath.



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