Tuesday, 9 April 2013

No Hypocrisy . No praise for Thatcher here.

The legacy of Margret Thatcher unfortunately still  lives on 

  • It lives on in the decimated  manufacturing industry in the UK . I remember Treforest Industrial Estate alive both day and night . Workers often had a row with their boss left the factory crossed the road and found another job. Today Production Operators  find that work comes on short contracts  through an agency in the few manufactures in their area.
  • It lives on in the lack of social housing. The right to Buy scheme was a form of gerrymandering which was intended to create Tory Voters from former Social Housing tenants and resulted in increasing waiting lists.
  • It lives on in areas like my own village of Beddau which saw the Cwm Colliery close and destroy the lives of many of my friends who worked there.
  • It lives on in the memories of the Poll Tax the ideology of which has reemerged in the thinking behind the bedroom tax.
  • It lives on in deregulated the Banks which eventually led to the collapse which we a living with now.
  • It lives on in the sight of people living rough and begging on the streets.
  • It lives on in the Anti EU rhetoric which made no friends in Europe even among those who may have sympathised and favoured reform . Which continues today.
  • It lives on in the Gung Ho nature of British politics and the belief that problems can be called by military intervention
  • It lives on in the attacks on the NHS and the Welfare State
  • It lives on in Cameron and in Blair and Miliband.. and the result that in reality today UK politics is dominated by two right of centre parties Labour = Tories.

Last night some friends invited me round and we let of rockets in response to her death . As each one went off . We cried out

That's for the Miners

That's for the Pol Tax

And so

Some might say this was a callous response to someone death.

But Marget Thatcher hated nearly every thing I believed in  and she caused huge harm to the lives of the people in the area where I live.

Perhaps she was not an evil women but she was vindictive an callous. Like many I will not be an hypocrite and mourn her passing.


  1. Spot on.


  2. You celebrated her death? How dumb, no wonder the left are defeated and left bankrupt of ideas and ideals

    1. I was going to give you a detailed reply but I think there's no point in arguing with you.