Monday, 1 April 2013

Nothing to read here. .

I am foregoing Bloging today

  1. Because its a Bank Holiday 
  2. I am still getting used to the Clock Changes and need to get my body clock in synch
  3. It is April Fools Day and I have already spotted two regular Bloggers who are having fun with us and its  only 7:20 AM. I will not  say who and spoil it for them.
  4. I may just mistake ta new  ConLibDem  or WAG policy for a April Fool as for the rest of the year it is hard to think that we are being spoofed all the time. 
  5. On the day that the cuts in benefits for some of the poorest in our society come in there's not much to laugh about.
So have a good Easter Monday. Don't believe all you read on the blogosphere and other media (mind you do that tomorrow as well.) and I'll be back tomorrow.

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