Thursday, 11 April 2013

Glenda and Leanne: Speak for Many.

One of the luxury I have in blogging on politics but having no political ambitions is that . I can say what I really think and not worry about whether it will be used by opponents and the media (often the same thing.).

I can announce on the fact that I celebrated Thatchers death, by setting off fireworks which may upset some but I can't be accused of Hypocrisy.

Yesterday recall of Parliament  which was little more than a Tories giving themselves a chance to eulogise the bloody woman at out expensive. at the Taxpayers expense was little more than you we can have expected .
It was left to Glenda Jackson  the MP for Hampstead and Kilburn who didn't have far to travel to Westminster to give voice to for many of us.

Amid howls of protest from Conservative backbenchers, Glenda Jackson said  give a version of Magret Thatcher that many outside the chamber would recognise.

‘By far the most dramatic and heinous demonstration of Thatcherism was not only in London but across the whole country in metropolitan areas, where every single shop doorway, every single night, became the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom for the homeless,’ she said, defying calls to pay tribute to the former leader.

The Hampstead and Kilburn MP said Thatcherism turned vices into virtues. 

‘Greed, selfishness, no care for the weaker. Sharp elbows and sharp knees, this was the way forward,’ she said.
‘People saw the price of everything and the value of nothing.’
And she said women who helped run the country during the war would not have recognised the idea of ‘womanliness’ embodied in Lady Thatcher.
‘The first prime minister of female gender, ok. But a woman? Not on my terms,’

Speaker Bercow said "Ms Jackson had the right to air her thoughts".To bloody right.

For leading politician who felt that they should be diplomatic. Iit may be have been hard to criticise a recently deceased political  bur credit must go to Leanne who managed to turn her statement on Thatchers Death in a positive way

It will be difficult in the next few weeks faced with the horrendous site of  the cost of a £10 Million State Funeral (isn't it anything else?).  for those of us who shared Glenda Jackson assessment of Thatchers Legacy to remain positive but Leanne Wood has given us something we should carry forward.

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