Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Iain Duncun Smith wouldn't be able to live on 53 a day.

Iain  Duncan Smith (IDS) has described a petition calling on him to live on £53 a week as a “complete” stunt and claims he knows what it is like to live on the breadline.
The Work and Pensions Secretary, who earns £1,581 per week after tax, said he could get by on £53 per week when challenged to do so by County Durham market trader David Bennett on BBC radio yesterday morning (Monday, April 1).
Mr Duncan Smith’s claims, which came in the wake of widely criticised changes to the welfare system, prompted  people to sign an online petition demanding proof of his claim of being able to live on £7.57 a day, or £53 a week.
To Date April 3rd 350,722 have signed 
Well on course for their half a million target  after just three days.
Yesterday , however, the MP for Chingford and Woodford Green dismissed the petition outright.
"This is a complete stunt which distracts attention from the welfare reforms which are much more important and which I have been working hard to get done,” said Mr Duncan Smith, a former army officer who married into a wealthy family.
"I have been unemployed twice in my life so I have already done this [lived on the equivalent of £53 a week].
"I know what it is like to live on the breadline."
However we must take any claimd by IDAS with a pinch of salt.
Hie once claimed that he studied at the University of Perugia (founded 1308) was later found to be false after an investigation by the BBC. His office subsequently admitted that he attended the Italian Università per Stranieri (founded 1921) in Perugia for a year but he didn't obtain any qualifications or finish his examsIts not that Iain Duncun Smith claim that he can live on 53 a week that is wrong however . Most people can
But for how long  Just imagine how he would cope after  three months let alone a year.

  • Week 1 fine . He doesn't go out and socialise but does the weekly shop and put money aside for utilities.
  • Week 4 He starts cutting down on food expenditure by cheaper products 
  • Week 6  A Friend invites him to a birthday party he feels compelled to go . Buys a cheap gift and a few cans. I f its in a pub  makes an excuse and leaves early when he can't manage a round.
  • Week 8 Microwave breaks needs a new one gets a cheap one at Tesco but takes most of his weekly budget
  • Week Ten Iain needs new shoes : See The Sam Vimes "Boots" Theory of Economic Injustice.
  • Week 12: Iain finds he is surviving but he hasn't socialised for weeks .  He is  dreading having to pay for any breakdown of his Fridge,cooker or Television . Turns of central heating and spends all his time in one room with just one heater.
IDS  response is typical of those who have no idea what its like to struggle day by day. Who will not even blink at paying £53 for a meal out a regular basis.  Who will take a Taxi everywhere and can't remember when they were  last on a bus.

He will spend more £53 a day and not even blink and the whole of Westminster is full o the likes of him.

We may all be in  this together but some are up to their necks in shit whilst the likes of IDS are standing on their heads, telling those below to stabd on their toes and it's their fault those on top have muck on their shoes.


  1. Having spent a few months on jobseekers I agree that he'd have to cut down on food and heating. I switched off the heating and stayed in bed. No need for a telly or a fridge of course and he might even resort to some low-key criminality - a hand down the side of a friend's sofa usually produces a few coins - enough for a couple of tins of basic spaghetti anyway..

    Could IDS manage - of course he could - and isn't the point of jobseekers to make work more attractive than the dole. Are there any jobs? Well I live in a high-unemployment area yet the East Europeans seem to find them.

  2. Of course he can do it! (with a little help from those lovely people at ATOS)