Saturday, 6 April 2013

May Elections: MK put up 26 candidates.

Since there  are only elections on the Isle of Anglesey Council and a few By elections (see previous post) next may . My main interest will be in whether Mebyon Kernow  who have announced a slate of  26 Candidates  for the Council Elections  next May and will  to improve on their current total of 6

Liberal Democrat37
Mebyon Kernow6
Independent (non affiliated)2

Two sitting Councillor are not standing but  with the Conservative -Independent  ruling group making some unpopular cuts and the LibDems not actually pnot the flavour of the month MK should have high hope to increase their number,

Party leader Dick Cole  has already pointed out the LibDems desperation  

In the  Bodmin St Marys Division. Liberal Democrat candidate claims that the election is a two horse race between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives.

Apart from the LibDems attacking their coalition partners  for making cuts which are partly due to the Westminster Government as Dick points out  that there are four candidates in this contest and none are representing the Conservative Party. Roger Lashbrook is standing for MK and the other candidates represent Labour, the Lib Dems and UKIP.

Same Old LibDems same old dishonesty.

It looks like progressive in Cornwall have only a choice in 26 wards Pity but even a modest gain in seats will push the party forward.



  1. Where do MK stand on the EU? I'd guess if they were anti-EU they'd do well. I'm old enough to remember when if you were National or Left you were anti-EU but that's rarely the case nowadays.

    1. I can't speak for MK. Imagine they like Plaid and the SNP are more for reforming than Anti EU
      For my part I don't subscribe to those on the Left who merely see the EU as a capitalist club. (Though their failure to react to the banking crisis aggressively does not help the EU case.

      Neither do I subscribe to the little Englander attitude of Ukip, The Tories and increasingly Labour.

      We need the EU and it has been important in improving Social policy and Human rights.

      As for doing well by being anti EU I,m not sure . There a gap for Parties to campaign for reform the EU without being xenophobic and I would support parties who took that stand.

      And this should not be to attract votes but to campaign for whats best for Wales and cooperation between nations.