Saturday, 13 April 2013

Burton (Pembrokeshire) Byelection

Hardly Earth Shattering  news but  the only recent Byelection in Wales  has been at troubled  Pembrokeshire county council: where  Rob Summons was elected Councillor for Burton Division on 11   after the resignation of Council stalwart is Cllr David Wildman, who was also the cabinet member for adult services and care, had been heavily involved in local politics for many years, but is set to move closer to family in Wiltshire, with his wife Margaret.
  • Rob Summons (Independent Plus) 291 votes   (43.8%; -56.2)
  • Robin Wilson (Conservative) 166 -  (25%; +25.0)
  • Robin Howells (Labour) 162-  (24.4%; +24.4)
  • Jon Harvey (Independent) 46 -  (6.9%; +6.9)
So although a comfortable win there for Independent Plus  who are the ruling group on the council  maybe a  pointer to people turning to main stream parties

Interestingly Rob Symonds  stood as an Independent Plus candidate ( at the behest of former Councillor Wildman) who are the ruling group . So how Independent are Independents if they stand for the ruling group?

How can you claim to be an Independent when even before you are elected you commit yourself to a group dynamics and the discipline in that group?

As well as the previous record of the ruling Group. Are you standing on the of the ruling group or not.

You are not really Independent if you do so.

Basically Independents are people who don't want to be associated with the baggage of the public negativity towards political parties whilst having all  the  advantages and power that members of a group leads to.

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  1. as opposed to the genuine independents like cllrs Mike Stoddart and Jacob Williams....