Friday, 5 April 2013

Caerphilly: Labour remaking History?.

The  Labour Party  at Caerphilly Council faced with public outcry over its failed plan to hike its  senior executives pay as taken a new turn as it seems to be accusing the previous administration of the same plan in a desperate bid to get themselves out of a hole.
'The  Labour Group on Caerphilly Council... accused he Plaid Cymru administration at Caerphilly Council had itself approved the same senior officers' pay rise in March 2012 - but delayed making the pay award until after the May 2012 local government election...'
But Plaid Cymru deny this 
 Former Caerphilly Council leader, Allan Pritchard  who lost his seat last year said: 

 “At no point, at any meeting, at any time, did I or the administration I led, approve or agree to pay rises for the twenty one senior officers at the council. This wild claim by the Labour party is totally untrue and without any foundation. Indeed, the thorough investigation by the Wales Audit Office clearly demonstartes that this decision happened under Cllr Andrews' watch. This fiasco has Labour's fingerprints all over it.
"The fact that they now wish to insult the intelligence of local people once again as a means of deflecting responsibility for this shambles highlights just how incompetent the council leadership are. Closer scrutiny of the previous Plaid administartion reveals that we made efficiency savings in senior officers' costs by £1.5 million over three years. An achievement Cllr Andrews' shamefully overturned."
Councillor Colin Mann, Plaid's current group leader on Caerphilly Council added: “Councillor Andrews has made serious and untrue allegations and considering the fact that a police investigation is underway, I invite him to withdraw his comments and apologise for making them. If he fails to do so, then I believe the severity of his claims would leave us with little choice but to consider the legal options open to us as a party.
"Councillor Andrews is a leader under pressure. He has overseen the greatest scandal in the council's history and will soon face a vote of confidence. His latest gaffe only adds to the sense of anger that local residents feel at his lack of management of the authority."

Can this row have anything to do with Labours reluctance to call the Byelection since death o Stan Jenkins, who , long-standing member for Risca East  who died on the 14th January .

Labour had a massive majority in this seat taking all three seats in the ward last year.

The Election has now been called for May 2nd so Labour may be hoping a embarrassing loss may well be lost in the General coverage of the Local Government Elections in England held on the same day

Mind you with delayed elections on the Isle of Anglesey council where Plaid are expected to campaign heavily to be also held on May2nd. Labour may be celebrating over the boarder but counting the cost oftheir mismanagement here.

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