Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ukip: Why Do The Media Not Expose Them?

Ukip it seems beleive that raising the supposed threat of Immigration from Bulgaria and Romania  rather than campaigning on local services  is the card to play in  next weeks local government elections

Konstantin Dimitrov, the Bulgarian Ambassador to the UK, said leaflets sent out by UKIP ahead of council elections in May – which describe Bulgarian people as a "threat" – are "unacceptable".

In their leaflets, UKIP states 29 million Bulgarian and Romanians will have the right to "live, work and draw benefits" in the UK and while many will be "fine, hard-working people", suggests the country may struggle to cope with "another influx" of "people needing jobs, housing schools, hospitals and benefits".

But a t BBC surveys in each country, both of more than 1,000 people, suggest most would move only with a firm work offer. ad there is a significant gap between aspiration and making real concrete plans.

They found that in Romania very small numbers of people, 1% of the total survey sample, said they were looking for work in the UK in 2013 or 2014, whether with a recruitment agency or on their own.

In Bulgaria the figures were higher: 4.2% of those surveyed. However most people interested in coming to the UK, from both countries, said they would only move with a firm offer of work, either from an agency or directly from a company.

For now, more people are planning to move this year, rather than next, but as 2014 approaches, intentions may change.

So it looks like Ukip playing of the fear factor is plain wrong.

But this will not stop them constantly raising it.

If the BNP had issued leaflets like the ones Ukip are distributing  for what after all are local councill elections, then the (sadly declining) liberal part of British media would be attacking them.

Even  some of the the right wing media would at least pretend to be disgusted by this  

But Nigel Farage Ukip leader is fawned over by nearly all of them them including the BBC where he has bean given free rein to spout his nonsense.


Can it be that the BNP were sen as Working Clas oiks , whilst Ukip are seen as coming from a more "repectable" middle class. and therfore more akin to the media journalist.

Is more acceptable to express extreme right wing views when it comes from "Middle England" rather from mt working clas areas?

Well apparently Yes.

It has been claimed that Ukip are "the BNP in better suits", which I don't agree with: Bbut if they carry on producing literature which Nick Griffin  would be proud to put his name to. Then I will have to review my opinion.


  1. In Catalunya, a politician accused of doing very similar things is being put on trial on the twin charges of provocation of hate, discrimination and violence, and of collective provocative slander. Details here.

    We might do well to follow the Catalan example.

  2. The UKIP loonies are to be encouraged. They will take votes from the Tories and keep them out. If by some chance UKIP are elected the calibre of their candidtes and ideas will be exposed to public scrutiny.

  3. Anon: I think that the 193o's showed us that thinking that once the nutters get elected . The electorate will realise what they are they are really like is not the way to go.

    Of course Ukip are not fascists but they are dangerous

  4. We keep voting Labour in Wales don't we Anon? So much for public scrutiny. Maybe I'm a little patronizing but I've little faith in my fellow members of the Welsh public.

  5. If you say UKIP are not fascists it must be so.Would you want your daughter to marry one?