Monday, 22 April 2013

Classic Clegg

I was looking online at what I thought was Nick Clegg's, speech to this weekends Welsh Liberal Democrat Conference.

Having seen it on the BBC on Saturday . I wanted to Quote his rather deeble and prisictible  attempt at a joke . Where he compares his LBC Cal Nick Clegg  with Ed Balls apearing on Talk Radio and claiming it should be called Talk Balls.

Laugh I thought I'd never start
But I could,'t find it then I realised I was reading his 2011 Speech

But then the LibDem leader will probably do the same next here .

  • "This is a list of what the LibDems are claiming responsibility for...."
  • "Anything you don't like is the responsibility of the Tories."
  • "And it would be worse if we were't there."
  • "We will see a change in our fortunes soon."
  • "Easteligh"
  • "Easteligh"
  • "Easteligh"
  • "The Welsh/Scottish  LiBDem leader doing a magnificent Job."
  • "Pupil Premium"

Maybe next year the LibDem spring Conference Chair will announce.

"Nick Clegg can't be here this year. So we are showing a previous speech in our seines "Classic Clegg".

Not that there appeared to many people attending the Conference this year. You would expect to see the hall packed to the rafters; But it looked that despite "doughnutting" attendance was small.

Indeed if you took away the Students from Welsh Universities  then there would be far less delegates and activists.

On the BBC Vaughan Roderick alluded to this pointing out that the Welsh LibDems have benefited perhaps more than any  party from students outside Wales getting involved in Welsh politics.

Nick Clegg of course had not much to go on in Wales and even the opportunity to try and boost  the handful of candidates standing in the Anglesey Council Elections was somewhat muted 

As the Blogger the Anglesey Telegraph pointed put

"Take two of their current candidates Aled Morris Jones and Selwyn Williams. Now seeing that they both support the same political party it was a bit strange that previously neither wanted to declare themselves as Liberal Democrats and that both backed different factions in the discredited Council....Selwyn Williams being a member of Llais I Fôn and Aled Morris Jones a member of Original Independents. Yes go figure!! "

For the LibDems there will be probably no recovery until after they have received a drubbing at the next General Election but in Wales they may find it hard to come back in an already crowded political scene . 

Mind you they will still be talking about a renewed bounce every bloody  year.

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