Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Welsh Rugby Row: Time For Carwyn To Step in.

Wales's four regions have asked to address the full board of the Welsh Rugby Union this month after the escalation of an already bitter war of words over the weekend culminated in an extraordinary accusatory statement from the governing body.
Last Weekends  double header of all four Welsh Rugby Regions playing at the  the Millennium Stadium on Saturday was watched by a crowd of more than 36,000, was a  undoubted success with to exciting hard fought matches  and the event just a week after wales won it successive six nations championship   marked a successful collaboration between the four and the WRU.
But the following morning the WRU issued a statement with the intention of "giving the public the facts" after some critical reporting of its failure to keep leading players in Wales, with the Scarlet's wing George North in talks with Northampton.
In the statement, the WRU accused the Scarlets of hawking North around from the end of the year and said it had tried to place him with one of the other regions (believed to be the Blues) and had agreed to assist financially. The union also blamed the regions for the lack of progress made by the professional regional game board, a body that was set up in December under an independent chairman to find a way through the regions' financial problems but which has yet to meet because of a failure to agree its terms of reference. 
The regions' initial response to the WRU statement on Sunday night was to condemn it as a defensive reaction from a "body which should be setting standards" but they will explain their position in full later this month to the WRU board.
Guardian 1st April 2013 

So the long running battle between the WRU region goes on including the news that the Pro12 Welsh Regions have  held exploratory talks about the possibility of a new Anglp-Welsh Premiership league. 

And News that the WRU have called the regions in to discuss placing 20 or so elite international players on central contracts.

This situation  of both sides seemingly pursuing different paths cannot go on and maybe its time for those politicians who are only to keen to associate themselves with the success of our national team to call in both sided and  become an honest broker.

Or rather start banging some heads together .

To misquote Thomas  Paine

"Carwyn , Is to keen to praise the plumage but ignore the dying bird".

And he's not alone we can al be accused of this.

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