Thursday, 5 November 2020

Whether the English Government plans to ban all not essentials sales it is still hypocritical,

There seems to be some confusion on whether the English Government  has decided  follow those in Wales and refrain from selling some goods such as clothes and books during its new lockdown.

Nayion Cymru report that 

According to industry publication The Grocer, stores have been instructed to cordon off aisles which contain non-essential products only, following in Wales’ footsteps after similar measures were introduced here.

However a UK Government spokesperson denied the report, telling website Guido Fawkes that “These claims are false. Items will not be cordoned off.”

One individual involved in the talks told the Grocer that the UK Government had instructed retailers in England that non-essential goods could not be sold in aisles that did not contain essential goods.

“The Government have said that they are not going to force retailers to shut down all non-essential goods, like it happened in Wales,” they said.

“However,” the source added, “those stores which have specific areas of so-called non-essential goods will have to cordon them off.

“They will not have to close off aisles where there is a mix.”

Which seems a pretty way of saying that if you have section like my local Tesco Store which has an upstairs section selling "non-Essential goods" and some very clear distinction between other goods like groceries down stairs , then they will be cordoned of and it will only be in smaller stores where thiswil happen

 Under the new restrictions, people should stay at home except for specific reasons including education and work (if it cannot be done from home).

All non-essential retailers, leisure and entertainment venues must shut, with pubs and restaurants told to close except for takeaways.

Martin Hewitt, chairman of the National Police Chiefs Council, warned that those responsible for the most "egregious" breaches of the rules would face stiff fines.

He said: "Every one of us has a responsibility to understand what the regulations are and abide by those regulations", adding that people who flouted them would be "breaking the law and endangering people's lives".

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is set to make a statement in the House of Commons later on Thursday outlining what economic support will be available to businesses and jobs during the lockdown.

What seems odd is that the Prime Minister and Chancellor did not make this clear during the debate in the House of Commons.

We do know that up to now the Welsh and English Tories all opposed the the Welsh Governments lockdown rules .

This lockdown will cost the Welsh economy £500m. Hospital-acquired infections & deaths are spiralling out of control. We’re still waiting for the firebreak exit plan yet Labour ministers are still fiddling with their shopping list ban. Whilst Rome burns...

Former Conservative Government minister David Jones MP has voted against the UK government in its plans to introduce a four week lockdown in England.

The Clwyd West MP, and former Welsh Secretary, was one of 34 Conservative MPs to rebel against their government's proposals.

MPs were voting on the new measures that will come into force at midnight.

But Boris Johnson saw off the rebellion of Conservative MPs opposed to the move, with the support of Labour.

The government won the vote by 516 to 38, a majority of 478.

 Mr Jones, along with all other north Wales Conservative politicians in the Senedd and the Commons, had opposed local lockdowns being imposed in north Wales in September.

He was the only Conservative MP in Wales to rebel in the vote on Wednesday.

Plaid Cymru abstained from voting on the measures, that will apply to England.

All other Welsh MPs, both Labour and Conservative, voted with the government - except for Cardiff North MP Anna McMorrin who did not record a vote.

For the Tory MPs who backed the English Government and who have spent the last Fortnight  it is hypocricy on a major scale.

However, this does not necessarily mean she deliberately abstained.

Whether the English Government had plans to follow the Welsh completely is unlikely , though they may well have decided that they can get away with anything  these days even such hypocrisy.

The normally bumptious Andrew rT Davies seems to be somewhat  muted and even have deleted some of his tweets,

But he and the many who rightly or wrongly criticise the Welsh Government often using near-racist language   only to be mute  when it happens in England is outstanding,





dafis said...

More evidence of how daft most of the Tory "followers" are when it comes to Covid. Hopping around like demented frogs, flip flopping positions in a manner most gymnasts would surely envy. Not evidence of reliability in our elected representatives, so roll on 2021 Senedd elections. Time for changes.

Gwyn Isaac said...

Apparently, I haven't been over there yet, but my local Tesco in New Malden has closed its first floor.

Gwyn Isaac said...

Apparently, I haven't been over there yet, but my local Tesco in New Malden has closed its first floor.