Wednesday, 21 May 2014

There is no "Welsh" Conservative Party and they should not be allowed to pretend there is.

Last nights "Welsh" Conservative Party Political Broadcast  showed an anomaly in our democratic process.

It appears to be largely the same as the shown in England but with a natation by someone with a welsh accent and final segment whree davis Cameon made a vert short address where he mentions Wales and includes Pklaid in the parties he attacks.

ut hang on a minute is there e a Welsh Conservative Party or is it the Conservative Party in Wales.

I've tried to find out if there a Pary called this registered with the Electoral Commision but frankly their search Engine or this is crap.

There are rules however  and the Commission state  that
Registration requirements for political parties
When registering, parties need to provide us with some information about their party structure, including a financial scheme, their constitution and details of any branches of the party that manage their own finances (“accounting units”). They must also appoint people to the official roles of:
  • Party leader
  • Treasurer
  • Nominating officer
Registered parties must keep details of these roles up to date and inform us of any changes. Every year we ask parties to confirm their registration details in an annual registration confirmation.

So Who is the leader of the Welsh Conservatives the Treasurer and Nominating Officer 

The same may be said of the "Welsh" Labour party whilst I'm somewhat prepared to accept the "Welsh" Liberal Democrats  may have a case under thier main Party's federal structure.

But the question is should  the Conservatives/Labour be allowed to have a PPB  claiming to be a distinct Party when it merely a UK party in Wales or Scotland.

Indeed is it fair that Unionist Parties can pretend that the are a federal party and have distinct parties in wales and Scotland and be allowed to tweak their PPB's to attack opponents there even to the extent that they may be saying something slightly different from Thieu UK policy.

Should the EC insist that Political Parties should only be allowed a a PPB under the name it is registered with?

Or how much longer are the electorate going to be deceived with the claim that these Unionist parties here are somehow miraculously "Welsh"

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