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Peter Black in denial again.

I imagine if there is one Blogger who is praying Plaid lose their sole MEP rather thab its own
 in tonight Euro Election count because it will allow him to comment on another Parties woes 

Peter probably the most enthusiastic Blogger who is a member of a UK legislature strangely has no comment on the LibDem disastrous showing in the Local Government elections in England.

In some ways the UKIP "earthquake"  (or was it a tremor") masked the disaster to his Party  as I pointed out yesterday they lost all their seats on Islington  Council  despite the fact they were in control eight years ago

But they also ended up with no Councillors in Liverpool which was once their flagship of urban liberalism. 

Controlling partyYearsLeader
No overall control1974–19831974 – 1975 Cyril Carr (Liberal)
1975 – 1976: Bill Smyth (Liberal)
1976 – 1978: John Hamilton (Labour)
1978 (May – June): Eddie Roderick (Labour)
1978 – 1979: John Hamilton (Labour)
1979 – 1983: Trevor Jones (Liberal)
Labour1983 – 19871983 – 1986: John Hamilton
1986 – 1987: Tony Byrne
Liberal1987 (March – May)Trevor Jones
Labour1987 – 19921987 (May – October): Harry Rimmer
1987 – 1990: Keva Coombes
1990 – 1992: Harry Rimmer
No overall control1992 – 1996Harry Rimmer (Labour)
Labour1996 – 1998Frank Prendergast
Liberal Democrat1998 – 20101998 – 2005: Mike Storey
2005 – 2010: Warren Bradley
Labour2010 – present2010 – present Joe Anderson

Now the council is much smaller because they now have a Mayor but  to have no councillors in an area where you were once a major power looks pretty awful
Election results by party Liverpool
Party nameSeats won% of votes
 Labour Party2758.09%
 Green Party210.72%
 Liberal Party14.51%
 UK Independence Party09.74%
 Liberal Democrat09.45%
 Conservative Party05.14%
 Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition01.22%
 National Health Action Party0< 1%
 Independent0< 1%
 Old Swan Against the Cuts0< 1%
 English Democrats "Putting England First"0< 1%
 English Democrats "More Police - Catching Criminals"0< 1%
So back to Pete what does he comment on ...

"The paper quotes a 'comprehensive' Treasury analysis that found that the state pension would be less affordable in an independent Scotland unless it could attract almost half a million more immigrants.  Civil servants have calculated that Scotland would need the population increase over the next 20 years – the equivalent of a city the size of Edinburgh – because there are fewer workers north of the Border paying taxes to fund each OAP’s pension.
A separate Scotland would have to more than treble its projected annual net migration from 7,000 to 24,000 if the funding gap relative to the UK was to be closed, it said.
Without a steep increase in immigration, actuaries have warned that each worker would have to pay hundreds of pounds more in tax to make good the shortfall.
No doubt the SNP have allowed for this in their calculations".
One of the commentators pointed out that

Glyn Erasmus.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 1:16 PM
Has it been discredited? I think not.
# posted by Blogger Peter Black : 1:19 PM

So to help Peter I've this morning to pointed him to Wings over Scotland's comprehensive demolition of "this rubbish" I Hope he reads it. 

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