Monday, 12 May 2014

Peter Black as Lady Macbeth!

There as a very curious piece on Peter Black's  Blog  in which prompted by an article  by Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer he speculated about the fate of his Party leader Nick Clegg after the European Elections

It is just eleven days until we go to vote in the European elections. The low turnout in these elections amongst those who go to the polling station in person most probably means that the majority of those who will vote have already done so. 
The opinion polls do not look good for the Liberal Democrats, but as ever, we are at heart optimists (we have to be) and we will wait to see what happens on the night before drawing any conclusions. Nevertheless, commentators have already started to speculate on the future of Nick Clegg, not least in today's Observer column from Andrew Rawnsley.
As Rawnsley says, Nick Clegg has survived one poll disaster after another because our MPs all signed up to coalition. It was approved three times over: at a meeting of Liberal Democrats MPs and peers, with a vote of the Federal Executive, and at a special conference in Birmingham. In addition most MPs are enjoying being in government and respect Clegg for getting them there.
Finally, many are clinging to the idea that the party is more resilient than pollsters give them credit for and that the power of incumbency in 2015 will defy the odds. This has been bolstered by the result of the Eastleigh by-election which reinforced Nick Clegg's position as leader.
I say curious.  Because I find it strange that a prominent Party member should simply speculate on this openly  .

Peter does write that

It is possible that many will calculate after May 22nd that the only way to reverse Liberal Democrats' fortunes in the polls and rescue the party at the General Election is to put the likes of Vince Cable in charge. They may well be right. What actually happens though will depend on the electorate, but more importantly on the reaction of Liberal Democrats MPs to the results.
But I wonder if this is actually his preferred option,  after what is likely a disastrous European poll.

If Peter came out with a preference then maybe his article would make some sense, but to simply report this makes him look like  someone who whilst not prepared to stab his leader in the back. is whispering in the ears of  those who are.

Pete,r seems to be a Lady Macbeth figure here . Though being a Liberal Democrat he doesn't actually openly call for the dirty deed to be done and its nothing to do with his own ambition (except for keeping his seat).

But I remind Peter the Murder of Duncan only  led to her Husbands defeat  and she  dies off-stage, with suicide being suggested as its cause when Malcolm declares that she died by "self and violent hands.

I doubt changing the leader now will save the Libdems at the next General Election maybe its not wortgh changing the leader now only to have to lok for another one in a years time.

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  1. And what will be the fate of Leanne Wood if Jill Evans loses her seat?