Sunday, 11 May 2014

LiBDem AM Eluned Parrot tries to compare Plaid with Ukip ( it doesn't work).

It was only natural that  Subordinate  Central react to some quite prominent long-standing Welsh Liberal Democrat saying  they were  'lending' her support to Plaid Cymru in the forthcoming European election with an attack but does it really need an attempt to smear a progressive party by claiming they were similar to Ukip
Amy Kitcher, who has been a Parliamentary and Assembly candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Merthyr and who saw the biggest swing in the 2010 General Election  said
After much consideration, I’ve concluded that the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru have two important things in common: we want the best for Wales.This was clearly demonstrated when the parties cooperated over the recent Welsh Assembly budget."That is not a reflection on him personally, rather of the wider political climate we find ourselves in. However, it’s not too late to make my vote count. What's more, both parties champion the benefits of EU membership to Wales.
"Rather than voting for my own party, however much I might hope they do well, I have decided to lend my vote to Plaid Cymru in the European Elections. I'm calling on fellow Welsh Liberal Democrats to do the same, that way we can make our pro-Eur
opean and anti-UKIP vote really count." - Amy Kitcher

In response Lbidem AM Eluned Parrot makes a desperate attempt to stop any more colleagues if not jumping ship  taking shore leave
By claiming 
Plaid Cymru’s long-standing wish for Welsh independence is a threat to Welsh membership of the European Union, and with it the thousands of Welsh jobs that depend on our trade with Europe.In reality, Plaid Cymru are quite similar to UKIP. They both put their narrow, blinkered separatist ideology first, risking the Welsh economy and jobs. Neither stand up for Wales or act in the Welsh interest because they both put our place in Europe at risk.Plaid’s position on independence is simply not credible. You can’t argue to keep us in Europe to work with our neighbouring countries, whilst wanting Wales to turn our backs on the rest of the UK.
Just a minute Eluned  are you really comparing Plaid a progressive pro European party with a right wing Euro sceptic one?

Or are you saying that an Independent wales wil have to reapply to the EU as it claimed Scotland may have to.

If its the former you are clearly wrong and if its the latter ten as a member of a Democratic party Surely you don't believe that Wales should be bullied out of taking the Independence step because the European Commission says No.

And this is a serious question particularly what is happening in the debate in Scotland .

The LibDems  may well be backing the Union but do they really believe countries like Spain because they wish to stop similar Independence movements in Catalonia and the Basque country should veto an Independent Scotland (Or Wales)remaining in the EU?

By all mean s spin your version of Jill Evans' voting record in Brussels it is of course open to interpretation but but to imply that Independence for Wales would threaten us being excluded from Europe is to back the playground bully and maybe you should reconsider who you friends are. 


  1. It's just desperation Glyn. One has to sympathise really.

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